Elvin and Yessenia

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hot air balloon ride over wine country Temecula. CA

How We Met

I have known my Fiancée Yessenia since high school through mutual friends. Although our lives temporarily went in different directions we reconnected as adults and there was a connection that could not be ignored and we have been inseparable ever since.

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Yessenia and I have been dating close to 5 years and in those 5 years we have had many adventures and traveled to many places. Yessenia always told me she wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride but I pretended as if I wasn’t really interested but in the back of my mind I knew that if I were to ever propose to her I would want it to be really special and on a hot air balloon. After a few months of saving I was finally able to purchase the perfect ring for my soon to be fiancée and it happened to be the same month as her birthday. I took her out to wine country Temecula, CA for a weekend and we stayed at one of the wineries. The first night I told her we had to be up really early (5 am) the next day because I had a surprise for her. As we drove down from our bed and breakfast where we stayed she could see all the hot air balloon baskets on the back of trucks and trailers and at that moment her first surprise was revealed.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hot air balloon ride over wine country Temecula. CA

I booked a private sunrise balloon ride because I’m a really shy person and did not want to purpose in front of a crowd and the hot air balloon company knew my proposal plans prior to us getting here. As the balloons were filling up with air I was getting really nervous not because we were going to go 2,000 ft up in the air but because I knew our relationship was going to reach an important milestone. As we were in the air the sun was rising and you could see balloons in the distance ascending in the sky everything was perfect for a picture.

I asked my balloon pilot if he could take a picture with my phone but I had my phone on video mode instead and he knew what I was about to do so he played along quite well. As my beautiful girlfriend fixed her hair preparing for the perfect picture I got down on one knee and asked If she would marry me and she said yes! Although I was extremely nervous my proposal went exactly how I planned.

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