Elvia and Paul

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How We Met

Paul and I met the summer of 2003, while both of us worked at our local Target store. I remember working there a month before he started. Our store was going through a remodel, Paul was part of the remodel team. One day I was working in the kids department, and I remember he came up to me his first words where “excuse me, do you know where the trash bags are located?” I remember laughing because I wasn’t sure if he was serious or was he trying to do small talk. Then, March 18th 2004 he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. From that moment, our relationship grew very quickly. We spend every waking hour together whether at work, school, his house, or on a date.

From then on, Our story began…let’s fast forward to more than ten years later, we are still inspirable as we were when we first started dating. We enjoyed spending time doing everything or nothing at all. I always believed in Serendipity, good things do happen when you least expect them. For me, it was the moment he came up to me. It has been a rollercoaster ride, our relationship is not perfect but it has definitely been an adventure dating my Best friend soon to be Husband. Let this new chapter in our lives begin!

how they asked

I always knew that Paul was not one to put up a “big show” he does not like to be center of attention. So I knew that when the time came to get down on one knee, it would be intimate and just the two of us. And that is exactly how it turned out. I would not want it any other way! It was special, it was OUR moment. It was something to Remember!

The summer of 2016, we were planning our yearly summer trip to celebrate his college graduation from Fresno State and his birthday on July 5th. If you know me, of course we decided on Disneyland. No surprise there! It was also our final trip with our Disneyland annual passport, I was feeling sad that we would not be able to just pack our bags and drive five hours to Anaheim like we did for two years.The moment we walked into the park, I was overjoyed with happiness, it had been the longest six months since we had been there due to his crazy work and school hours. I knew it would be one of the best trips being there to celebrate his huge accomplishment. First thing we did is get his ‘just graduated’ and his ‘birthday’ button. We did our usual Disney thing, eat as much food as possible!

Friday July, 8th our second full day became the BEST DAY EVER! When the sun was going down we went into Fantasyland, my personal favorite part of the park. We rode on the teacups, his attempt to always get me dizzy! This time it worked. I felt nauseous which rarely happens. After riding most of the “kiddie” rides we could not forget about DUMBO! One of the rides we make sure to ride. This rides always makes me feel giddy, brings our the little girl in me. He let me choose which elephant to ride, so I blindly went for the purple one. Little did I know this would be the elephant, in which he would propose.

As I was taking photos and recording us on the ride, I kept telling him to smile and look at camera. I was just a happy camper on my favorite ride. I saw him fidgeting with his side pocket of his shorts. At exactly 7:33 PM, my whole world stopped, and I became the happiest I have ever been! I can tell he was nervous, he wasn’t down on one knee but we were flying around fantasyland overlooking the castle when he turned to me and asked “So, what do you say?” at that moment I dropped my phone on my lap (I was still recording the ride on my phone) I looked at him in shock with a big smile said “Babe! Oh my gosh!” my hand on my mouth, trying to come up with words then said “what do you say?” That’s when he asked the words I longed to hear since we started dating. “Will you Marry me?” I only wish I was still holding the phone to catch this magical moment, sadly I only recorded the floor. Our night ended with watching the fireworks. That’s when it finally came to me that we were Engaged! All my emotions came, the fireworks were magical and I felt tears rolling down my cheek. I always got tear eyed during the fireworks but this time it was my magical moment I will forever remember.

My dream of getting Engaged at Disneyland came true. It was the best way to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th birthday end its Diamond celebration.

Those four little words meant the world to me! I was the happiest girl in all of Disneyland! I instantly felt like a true Princess living my own fairytale! July 8, 2016 not only became the best day ever, but the BEST DISNEY TRIP EVER!

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He asked, I said Yes!

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Watching the fireworks as an Engaged couple! I was an emotional wreck by this time.

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July 9th 7:30PM we have been engaged for 24 hours!