Elva and Michael

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How We Met

My best friend Erika invited me to go to South Padre for the 4th of July. Her friend Sean was the lead singer of a band, and they were playing a 4th of July show. I was not in the mood to go, but she basically dragged me out there. We found seats at a table that seemed to be pretty empty, except for one guy at the very end of it. We introduced ourselves and he introduced himself as Sean’s cousin and quickly focused his attention back to the band. I figured he was shy or didn’t care to socialize with us. An hour or so later, Erika and I decided to go grab some ice cream and offered some to the band. Quickly, Michael stood up and said: “I’ll take some as well.” I teased, “wow the offer was for the band, you and I don’t even know each other?” He responded, “We do know each other, you’re Elva and I’m Michael, and we are going to know each other for the rest of our lives, I figured we’d start with a little ice cream.”

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how they asked

Michael & I had been together for 7 yrs when he started talking engagement rings. He knows I’m picky & decided it was best to involve me in the purchase of it. I picked one & gave him the info. For a year after that, I got my nails done religiously. One night he surprised me with plane tickets to Washington DC. He mentioned he wanted to hire a photographer to get nice pictures of us there. My radar went off. FINALLY! The morning of our flight, I started looking for the ring. He wouldn’t risk the airline losing it so if there’s a ring, it will be in the carry-on backpack. I got a minute alone with the backpack & searched it quickly, which turned to be a difficult task since the backpack had SEVENTEEN zippers. I found nothing.

Once we got to the hotel room, I asked him to get me a Pina colada from the bar downstairs to buy search time. He looked puzzled & said,“A pina colada in DC? It’s 43 degrees outside” I answered “The heart wants what it wants” I turned our luggage & his backpack inside out but nothing. That night as we went to meet the photographer, with one last bit of hope left, I said: “I’m really cold, can I borrow your jacket?” I looked in every pocket but nothing. My heart sunk.I knew now with 100% certainty that it wasn’t happening.

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The photographer had just started taking our picture when Michael said,“Hey man, can you get this?” He turned to me &said, “I’ve been waiting to do this a long time,& I had to do it here. This is where our government lives. This is where we are governed. But you, you are who governs me. You govern everything I am and everything I do now and always. Will you marry me?” By the time I knew it, he was on one knee holding the ring. I was in complete shock. He had the ring in his hand & all I kept thinking was,“WHERE was it?” He knew surprising me wouldn’t be easy so he planned every detail. As he explained everything, I realized, he has me completely pegged. The heart knows what it wants, but he knows my heart through & through.All the good and all the bits of crazy.

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