Eloise and John

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How We Met

John and I officially met in late April of 2009. John was going to be a guest on a radio show at our college and knew we had a mutual friend. He had this friend call me before the radio show began to have me tune in to listen. I was slightly confused, but turned on the radio show. As I’m listening, I hear this the announcer say John has a special request to make. John then says over the radio: “if someone was asked to listen in tonight and has blonde hair and eats in the Liberty Cafeteria [our school cafeteria] for most meals, I’d love to meet you at the Mongolian Grill”. He went on to set up the time and evening! … I showed up at 7:00 on Thursday evening, only to not meet anyone there. I called the mutual friend the next day to mention this, who promptly called John to question it! John then asked our friend for my phone number and called me to apologize.

John had thought he said Friday night; I had thought he said Thursday night! I couldn’t meet with him that night, and plans fizzled out. This wasn’t long before the end of the school year before summer break. Finally, the night before both of us were heading to our respective hometowns for summer, John calls me one last time to see if I wanted to go on a date. I said yes and we had the best date we’d ever been on– jumping in city fountains and sneaking into hotel pools! One of the first questions John ever asked me was “Are you SCUBA certified?” and when I responded “no”, he said “we will have to change that!” This was the start of a relationship of a lifetime.

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Although living in different cities in South Carolina over the summer, we saw each other all the time. School started back up in the fall and we were back in the same city, seriously dating. That year his Christmas gift to me was SCUBA certification lessons! John and I shared a love for underwater diving and went on numerous dives: off the coast of Carolina, in clear Caribbean waters, even in lakes near our parents’ houses!

how they asked

In May of 2016, after graduating with graduate degrees and before moving to the mid west, John and I planned a trip to Southeast Asia. Itinerary: Thailand, Cambodia, and Bali, Indonesia. We were going to be gone for over two weeks and planned meticulously! We planned on seeing temples, elephants, and rice fields; planned to go hiking, moped-riding, and of course SCUBA diving!

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The trip was unbelievable, but on our second dive of the day off the coast of tiny Indonesian island called Nusa Lembongan, we were 60 feet under the waters of a strait that connected the Bali Sea to the Indian Ocean.

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We were finishing up the dive about to go to the surface, when I turned around and saw John holding a sign that said “Eloise, would you marry me?” and holding a ring. I was absolutely shocked, and started slightly hyperventilating (not great when you’re breathing contained air underwater!!)…however, I maintained enough composure to nod “YES” and give the A-ok sign (SCUBA- speak for yes!) Our dear friends Cat and Justin were also present to celebrate with us. BIG thanks to Dive Concepts, Lembongan, Bali for making this possible for us!

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Special Thanks

Cat Parker
 | photographer
Justin Mohr
 | support person