Eloisa and Marcelo

Image 1 of Eloisa and Marcelo

How We Met

My sister introduced us and we became friends. After traveling, going out for lunches and movies together for a few months, we realized we wanted to be more than friends and finally started dating.

How They Asked

We like to bike together and there is a small cute park with a couple of swings near our previous house, where we used to stop and rest in the middle of our bike trip, so that place become our little place. One afternoon when we stopped there to rest, I sat on one of the swings and he took a ring box shaped as a Death Star (we are both Star Wars fans) out of the funnypack I was carrying and proposed! It turns out I was carrying my engagement ring for the whole afternoon and I had no clue! We are going to marry on May the 4th, 2021.