Elly and Matt

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How We Met

About 3 years ago my roommate and her boyfriend were going bowling with a group of friends and she talked me into joining the last minute. When I got to the bowling alley EVERYONE there was a couple, I was so annoyed my roommate didn’t tell me. Two guys walk toward us and I lean over and say “if that guy (it was Matt) isn’t single I am out of here”. Of course, everyone immediately started pushing us toward each other “subtly” (basically scream-whispering). After trying to act cool, we finally introduced ourselves to each other. Matt caught on to how competitive I was and made me agree that whoever lost bowling needed a chance to redeem themselves in a game of mini-golf. Long story short, our first official date two weeks later was mini golf and we have been together ever since. Our friends still argue regularly about who gets credit for introducing us!

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How They Asked

I have been skiing my whole life and Matt learned how the first winter we were together. Six months ago (July 2020) he suggested it was time we plan a real ski trip. We decided to go to Heavenly! We arrived in the evening on Wednesday (February 5). The next morning we were up way too early because we were jet-lagged east coast natives. Matt suggested we take the opportunity to walk down to the lake in case we didn’t have another good chance on the trip. There was only one person on the beach when we got there. I started taking pictures of the view when from behind me Matt says “maybe take a picture of this” and I turn around to him on one knee!!

Before I could catch my breath the woman who was on the beach with us look at me and says “could you please take a quick picture of me” while Matt is still on his knee and I haven’t even said yes! Needless to say, he asked if we could have a minute (Ha!) and I finally said yes before jumping up and down. In the end, we were glad the woman was there because she was able to get pictures for us after all!