Ellise and Wasim

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how we met

Wasim and I met early 2005 on our first day of University. We were to all gather in a lecture theatre to begin our orientation and I was already sitting at a table when Wasim arrived and came up beside me asking ‘is this seat taken?’. We were separated into different classes but found each other again during the lunch break along with a few others we had met that morning. My first impression of Wasim was that he was very easy going and had a good sense of humor. I was already in a new relationship at the time so there was not the option to pursue more than a friendship.

In our second year we were put in the same class and became even closer friends – we had so much fun and had so many laughs throughout the year, we were just like two big kids together! By the end of our second year we had decided to commit to another three years of study which was quite intense. I decided to become single to really focus on the studies, and Wasim and I became pretty much inseparable working through the projects together day and night. We got jobs together in the same Architectural practice and continued as very good friends, working (and eventually living) together for the next six years! We always had a good chemistry and a very easy relationship – we love to laugh but can also take things seriously when we need to!

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In 2013 Wasim traveled to the United States for a week and visited his friend who had moved there some years ago. When he arrived home he insisted we talk straight away, and told me that while he was lying on an air mattress in his friends living room trying to sleep one night, he realized that he wanted to be with me, and hated the idea of one day not having me in his life… So there was a decision to be made! I had my reservations, as I was also scared of losing him if things didn’t work out – I didn’t want to not have him in my life either! We decided to give things a go and my birthday became the day we had our first ‘date’….and I guess the rest is history.

As were were already very close there wasn’t the whole uncertainty of getting to know each other and wondering where the relationship might lead, it was quite a different experience knowing that we were serious from the beginning, but we developed a very affectionate relationship to compliment our playful fun friendship that was already so strong. We took Wasim’s parents out to dinner to tell them the news and they were thrilled! (they had been pressuring Wasim for years for us to get together), they moved straight on to asking about a wedding!

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how they asked

As the relationship grew there was never any secret that Wasim would propose in time; he said he knew he would after about a year of us officially being together and he got to work planning the proposal. The first plan was for us to go back to Las Vegas (as we enjoyed it so much the first time we went) and he would propose in front of the Bellagio fountain… But saving for other things meant that we didnt end up taking that second holiday, so he revised his plans to be a local proposal.

Leading up to the proposal in May – June 2015, he wanted to ask my father for permission and my father was visiting a couple of times around then and staying with us – so the plan was to ask him after I went to bed one night. The first visit was unsuccessful as my father decided to go to bed the same time as me! Wasim planned out a fail-proof way for the next visit to send me to bed and keep dad up – he put the rugby on the telly! I think my father was quite surprised to be asked but appreciated it – went home and told mum so they were both ready and waiting for the announcement!

Now that he had dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, there was a week where Wasim pulled out a DVD for us to watch every night, these included one of each of our favourite movies, and also the movie ‘Walk the Line’ as he often likens us to Johnny Cash and June Carter having ‘proposed’ so many times and getting rejected (I feel I should clear the air that all of Wasims previous ‘proposals’ were not serious but jokes!)

On the Sunday after our movie nights I was in the kitchen of our home washing some dishes and he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, pulled me away from the sink and took me through various rooms of the house talking about all our memories and all the hard work we had put into this house. We ended up in the bedroom where he finished talking about our memories, and said he cant wait to make many more with me. I then hear him fiddling with something plastic behind his back while he tried to remove something from a bag, I turn to face him and he holds up a burger ring (corn crisp shaped as a ring) and proposes with it! We both had a laugh and that was the end of that – or so I thought! During the afternoon of that same day we went to a park with a lake that we had been to a few times before for some lengthy chats. We were halfway around the lake when he started reflecting on our memories of this location – he then gets down on one knee and pulls out a giant plastic ring!

At last, Wasim insists he will organize dinner. Nothing seems to be happening and he eventually tells me “I’ve decided we will go out, lets go in 15 minutes, wear something nice.” (That was a bit of a rush!) He takes me to a nice restaurant on Auckland’s viaduct that we have been to a few times, where he again starts talking about our memories of this place, and pulls out another plastic ring and proposes! Once I realize it’s not a real ring, he pulls out a bag full of plastic rings and pours them on the table and asks me to look through and see if there’s a real one in there. While I’m searching through he comes around to my side of the table and gets down on one knee with a beautiful princess cut white gold diamond ring and proposes for the last time. Of course I said yes!

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Wasim is incredibly loving and generous and genuine, he works so hard to make me happy and I will keep trying to do the same for him! he always helps others out no matter the cost to him and has no expectations in return. I consider myself very lucky to be able to soon call myself his wife.

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