Ellis and Bradley

How We Met

We knew who the other person was and had been texting for a few weeks when we happened to go to the same club on 27th December 2012.

We hadn’t been able to find each other in the club so thought it wasn’t meant to be. I was leaving the club and really fancied food (as most drunk people do) when I spotted Bradley by a burger van. As I went over to say hello and order food of course. I realised I had no money left and Bradley had just bought a double cheese burger with extra cheese, sauce, bacon and onions. It looked beautiful, and guess he looked alright too. I asked for a bite in which he agreed well I never tasted anything so good. I couldn’t stop myself from eating it all, in return he said I owed him a date tomorrow night no exceptions or excuses. I obviously agreed, we have been inseparable ever since.

Image 1 of Ellis and Bradley

how they asked

We had booked our big first holiday away just the two of us for August 2015. As it was Bradley’s birthday while we was away I had booked a candle lit dinner cruise for the evening of 23rd August. It was beautiful, steak and lobster for dinner with rum punch and a sunset behind us. It was such a romantic setting, full of couples. We had got talking to a couple next to us on their honeymoon, I was asking all about the wedding and how he had asked. A saxophonist had started to play when Bradley had asked me to dance but with all the rum punches I needed a toilet first. When I got back we went got up to dance, I couldn’t set the scene anymore. It was just perfect. Bradley suggested a photo where he asked the honeymooners to take a photo. I had got ready to stand next to Brad and smile but he started saying how long we had been together and I just couldn’t get my head around why he was talking to me when this poor man was waiting to take our photo. I just keep saying ‘yes okay now turn around this man wants to take a photo’. In the end (after a few minutes misunderstanding) he went “Ellis will you listen. I love you and I need to ask a question!” And my response “well what is so important…..”

As he went down on one knee I was in complete shock. Of course I said yes. He claims it to be the best present he ever got. Bradley had told the man he was going to propose and it may take a while to take a photo!!!


Image 2 of Ellis and Bradley