Ellie and Tucker


How We Met

We met at Fairfield University in the year 2009. We were friendly but I never knew him too well. He asked me out once sophomore year when he had broken up with his girlfriend. I said “no way you just got out of a relationship.” He continued to ask sporadically throughout our college years together. Then two years after college I coincidentally moved across the street from him. He lives at number 85 and myself, 58. He then told me I had no choice, I HAD to go on a date with him. So I finally did, and I brought my girlfriends along. We had such a blast and everything was effortless.. so after 6 long years I agreed to a one on one date..and the rest is history!


how they asked

It was a Monday afternoon and we both had the day off, so we decided to do a date day in the city. (Little did I know this was all planned ahead of time). It was the perfect fall day – sunny and still. We got in a cab to go to our “lunch reservation at the boathouse” when Tucker suggested we go to the Museum of Natural History to see what time it would be closing We had planned to go to the new dinosaur exhibit after lunch. The museum is special to us as we had our third date there and often talk about how that was where we both fell in love. I was walking towards the front of the museum and Tucker was walking the other way.


Unbeknownst to me, he was trying to position us for the photographer he had hired to capture the moment!

He asked me if I loved him on the front steps and I replied, “yes!” He then reached into his pocket and got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I was in utter shock – shaking and crying.



He had to get off of his knee to comfort me before he even put the ring on my finger ! He then reminded me I hadn’t said yes yet and I exclaimed OF COURSE!!


I was crying so hard that he handed me a handkerchief. After a closer look I realized it was my grandfathers handkerchief I kept in my top drawer as a reminder of him (he passed four years ago and we were exceptionally close). Tucker borrowed it to give it to me at that very moment and I truly feel that my grandfather was there with us during that most special time.


Tucker then told me we were going to take pictures all throughout Central Park with the photographer. I thought the surprises were over until he informed me that my parents, brother and best friend as well as his parents were on their way into the city to surprise us at dinner ! Cue the waterworks….again! It was the most magical, indescribable day with the people I cherish most in this world. I don’t know how even our wedding will top it!



Special Thanks