Ellie and Steve


How We Met

Steve and I both attended the same university. Before I met him, I had no idea that his last name is Bear, like the animal. Our mutual friend would always talk about her friend “Steve Bear,” which I thought was some sort of weird nickname she used for him! One day at the beginning of our senior year, I ran into both of them on the quad and she introduced her friend Steve Bear. “OHHHH! That’s your real name??” I said, realizing very quickly that it wasn’t just a nickname, this man actually had the last name of an animal. Lucky for me, he isn’t the type to be insulted easily so he laughed at me and moved on with the conversation. Looking back on that day, we both say that we felt something… Maybe not love at first sight but a feeling that we were going to play a special part in each other’s lives.

how they asked

A few days after we met, we went on our first “coffee date.” True Life: I’m a true coffee addict.. So Steve and I’s coffee dates continued from that day on. 4.5 years, multiple cities and countless coffee dates later, Steve got down on one knee. He told me how he knew he wanted to marry me the day he met me on the quad and how he never knew how much he loved coffee until he met me. He gave me a Starbucks cup, written on the side of the cup was “MRS. BEAR” and my ring box was inside. Once I was able to stop crying, I finally put on my ring and he said, “Go get ready. I have another surprised for you.” Once I got dressed, he took me to one of our favorite local restaurants where all of our friends and both of our families were waiting to throw a surprise engagement party.