Ellie and Matt

Image 1 of Ellie and Matt

How We Met

We met in college back in 2015 through my best friend and his brother! They thought we would be a good match so they gave Matt my number and we were non-stop talking since that first text! We went on our first date to a haunted house and the rest is history 💗

How They Asked

Matt had everything so well planned out! My best friend, Stephanie, and I went to get our nails done and grab some late lunch while he was setting everything up with our families and friends. Stephanie got a call from her “friend” saying she was in town to surprise her and was at a nearby park, so we drove over to the park and started walking down a path to the beach when all of a sudden I see my little cousins holding a sign that says “Ellie will you marry me?”, I was in complete shock! Matt asked me to marry him and then surprised me with my parents and his mom, and my other best friend, Sarah, was there photographing the whole thing! They had to create such an intricate story so that I wouldn’t suspect anything and it worked, I was completely surprised! I am so blessed to have such an incredible fiancé and such loving family and friends that did so much and were so excited for us on this special day! We’re finally engaged!!!

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Special Thanks

Sarah Shuman
 | Photographer