Ellie and Lachlan

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How We Met

We met in high school where we dated in year 7. He broke up with me for talking to another boy in between classes one day (we are both still friends with him 11 years later). I then invited him to my high-school graduation in year 12 and it all started back up when he turned up to surprise me. One week after our first date he had to go interstate for 5 weeks – he came home to visit me every weekend.

how they asked

We had planned to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for our 5 year anniversary. I had a sneaking suspicion that the proposal would happen over our anniversary weekend but I didn’t think it would happen on the bridge (what if the ring dropped 134 meters into the water!). As we climbed we were watching the most amazing sunset disappear into a perfectly clear night. When we got to the top we all posed for a photo and then started continuing on. Lach then grabbed my arm from behind me and spun me around to face him. I don’t even remember what he said, I just remember thinking “it’s finally happening!” He got down on one knee and fumbled with the ring that was attached to his wrist by a specially made ring device. He spent so long trying to get it off his wrist and onto my hand. We are so grateful that our climb instructor captured a photo of our special moment! Everyone in our group cheered and all the other groups congratulated us as we passed them. The whole way back down the bridge my legs were shaking from excitement, which made the 700 or so stairs back down to the base extra tricky.

We met up with my brother and sister in law after for some late night ice cream and red wine. My idea of a perfect fairy tale!

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