Ellie and JD

How We Met: We met in a writer’s group. It was my first time going, though he was a rather seasoned veteran so to speak. He was tall, dark and handsome – and quite a talented writer as well! We moved rather quickly from commenting on each other’s work to having “professional meetings” to critique each other’s manuscripts! Our first date was derailed by a snow storm, but he made up for it, with a (ahem) healthy kiss at the end of the next date, in front of the courthouse!!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Piedmont Park

how they asked: We have a blended family: I have three kids from my first marriage and he has two from his. Altogether they are 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. We’d planned to take them to Piedmont Park for a picnic and to play. I’d known for awhile that he had the ring, and planned to propose near water, but had given up trying to guess when it would be, and didn’t suspect it would be when the kids were with us. We’d had a great day and were crossing over the bridge to head back towards our car, when our 7 year old Jack rushed up in front of me.

Jack: “Will you marry my Daddy?”

Me: “Of course I will sweetie!” (Not suspecting a thing, as they ask me this often. Then I turned to find JD on his knee with the ring out.)

JD: “Well…will you?” (The kids are all around and jumping up and down at this point.)

Me: (laughing and crying) “YES!”

The kids are all cheering and people around us are both smiling and looking quite confused as to why a couple with five kids are just now getting engaged and don’t we know that it’s a bit backwards?? Lol – it was perfect!!

The very next thing the kids asked: “Are we going to be on Say Yes to the Dress now??