Ellie and Dan

How We Met

Dan and I met at a Halloween party I hosted with my 4 roommates, the year we both graduated from Boston University. We had so many mutual friends, it was surprising that we had never met! Especially since he had been to my apartment multiple times before (embarrassed face). But that night it was meant to be. He came as a panda. And I was a leopard. Match made in jungle heaven.

It took us a little while to realize it though. We hung out a lot that summer, but Dan was moving to St. Louis to attend law school in the fall. We decided not to force a long-distance relationship, fearing the worst. But we talked every day during his first semester. Then that Thanksgiving, he told me he loved me.

Fast forward almost six years later and we not only survived three years of long-distance, but we also moved in together and adopted two black kittens.

Image 1 of Sarah Mosser and Dan

how they asked

I had flown home to Buffalo for a Friday wedding, but Dan had stayed behind in Boston because he couldn’t miss a day of work. My stag status that night was becoming more and more apparent when relatives kept asking me, “Where’s Dan? When are you guys getting engaged?” Good question.

The next morning I slept in, waking up in my childhood twin bed amongst old stuffed animals. My dad had already left the house, making a trip to Home Depot. This wasn’t unusual because he’s a woodturner and often needs equipment for my grandparent’s horse farm down the road from us. In the span he was gone, I ate breakfast, showered, and even blow dried my hair before he returned.

“I got you something at Home Depot and left it on the table at the farm. Can you go get it?” he asked with a straight face.

“Right now?” I asked. What could he have gotten me that couldn’t wait? He nodded. This better be good, dad.

I got in the car and drove down our single country lane road, and up the long gravel driveway of Far Above Farm. Visiting the farm always brought back happy memories of my grandparents, who had since passed away. Living only a half mile from them, we were especially close.

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After parking and getting out of the car, I saw someone walk around the corner. It was Dan! And he was carrying a huge bouquet of my favorite flowers… yellow lilies.

“What are you doing here?!” I asked in astonishment, already starting to tear up. “You know what’s happening,” he said, beaming. He took my hand and led me to the front of the house, which overlooked 10 acres of farmland.

Image 3 of Sarah Mosser and Dan

“I know how important family is to you, and I want to be part of yours,” he said.

He continued to say more, but I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot the rest. Then he got down on one knee, held out a wooden box engraved with E&D, and asked me to marry him. “Yes!” I said through tears, pulling him to his feet so I could hug him. I was still in shock that he was in Buffalo!

We drove back to my parent’s house and celebrated with a bottle of champagne. It was truly special that we were able to share the day with my parents, who are normally 500 miles away. Everyone was all smiles and my dad revealed that they HAD in fact gone to Home Depot that morning.

You were right dad, this Home Depot surprise couldn’t wait.

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