Ellie and Brian

How We Met: Brian and I met through a mutual friend (shout out to Cheech!) when I was invited out to a bar crawl for another friend’s birthday party. I had just moved to Washington DC and didn’t know the area or anyone really. We were at the second bar, Iron Horse, when he stopped his friend mid sentence and said, “Legh- who is that girl right there in the red?”

She then introduced Brian to me and we started chatting right away! I found out he was a fellow Penn Stater (like myself), a brilliant engineer, and grew up a town away from me! Not to mention, he was also very handsome and tall! He didn’t get my number that night, but he did offer to walk me home. Me, being the independent, new city woman I thought I was, said “no thanks, I’ll be fine.” So Brian waited like a gentleman and got my number from my friend the next day and actually CALLED me to ask me out!

Image 1 of Ellie and Brian

I always find the need to mention that because men don’t call these days. Everything is through text. So I was very excited to get that call. Anyway, we started dating and since then have been having tons of fun living life together! We love taking trips to the beach, eating mussels & frites, drinking lots of beer, pretending we know anything about wine & drinking lots of it, traveling, listening to music, playing with our cat, Charlie, and eating LOTS and LOTS of good food :)

how they asked: Brian knows that my favorite place on earth is my beach house in Avalon, NJ. So he planned a whole scheme with my parents. He went to ask permission one weekend on his way to Atlantic City.

My parents were thrilled and of course said YES and asked how they could help. They planned a story that photographers would be at the beach house the weekend we planned on going down, to take pictures for a newspaper article.

So one Saturday after I had worked Friday (night shift- I’m a nurse), he drove us down to the shore for the weekend. We got there and I immediately fell asleep. Brian woke me up around 3 in the afternoon when the men taking the pictures were outside.

He told me he wanted to go for a walk because he was getting “stir crazy.” So I look outside and it was snowing sideways! It looked freezing outside! But I said I’d go for a walk. So I threw on some sweatpants and a large hoodie (pretty typical attire for me). We went out to the backyard and walked to the bay.

I was shivering so he said “come here I’ll warm you up.” He gave me a hug and at that point I saw the men taking pictures of the house staring at me. So I whispered to Brian, “Can we go inside? These guys keep looking at us.” Then Brian replied and said “I wouldn’t worry about them, because I paid them to be here…” Then he stepped away from me and got down on one knee at the same time as he said “…for this proposal.”

Image 2 of Ellie and Brian

He told me how much he loved me and how he always knew that he wanted to propose to me at the beach house. Of course, I SAID YES! The guys started snapping pictures right and left. It was so amazing! Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us for that day. These are some pictures from our photo shoot with Ringshot Photography on the beach in Avalon a few weeks later. They were so wonderful and got so many amazing shots of me and Brian! I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Image 3 of Ellie and Brian

Image 4 of Ellie and Brian

Photos by: Ringshot Photography