Elli and Ryan

how we met

Our first date happened to be on a Wednesday night after he finished his typical Wednesday golf round. He picked me up from my parents after I changed my outfit three or four times. I remember texting my girlfriends pictures of my outfits to make sure I had the right one on. After getting into Ryan’s car he told me his AC wasn’t working on this hot summer day so we rode to dinner with all the windows down while my hair blew everywhere after I just got done straightening it for an hour. I told Ryan he could pick where we went because I wasn’t picky (that’s the biggest lie.) Thank God he picked El Cap! We truly knew nothing about each other before our first date. We talked for hours over dinner and our conversations never went silent. Immediately after getting home, I told my mom that he was the one. It’s really been history since our first date! Soon after we started dating it was time for me to go back to Marquette to begin Nursing School and Ryan was in Iron Mountain working. We had many FaceTime dates and miles on our cars traveling to see each other. The following summer, I came home and we decided to take the next step. I moved in with Ryan and we quickly learned that I needed to work on my cooking skills. My family became his and his family became mine. One big factor that makes Ryan and I go so well together is that our families are our everything. Sunday family dinners are a must, lazy nights at my parents watching a movie are a common thing, and we absolutely love our 2 nephews and 2 nieces! After our first summer together it came time for me to once again go back to school. Another school year of distance passed and it was finally time to move home for good!

how they asked

It was a typical day. We were both working and had a tee time at Pine Grove Country Club for 4:15. I met Ryan down at the course where he had my favorite beverage and the cart all ready to go. After having a rough 8 holes, I was a little crabby and Ryan told me to lighten up. Little did I know – he was about to get down on one knee. We got up to hole 9 and when I went down to grab my ball, I came up to him on one knee. It was the BEST moment of my life! We celebrated with family and friends the entire weekend! We are so excited and ready for this next chapter of our life as we become Mr. and Mrs. Pepin!

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