Ellery and Chris

Ellery and Chris's Engagement in Boston College

How We Met

Chris and I met (or re-met, depending on which one of us you ask) at Boston College in the bookstore at the start of the second semester our junior year. I have no idea what we talked about, but I still remember what he was wearing. I left the bookstore with my best friend and actually suggested that she date him because he was so tall (and also cute and kind). She declined, stating she had other plans. Turns out, our friends’ groups thought we would be a good match and planned to try and get us together when I got home from studying abroad. Over the winter months, I did everything I could to try and catch him, including staying late at the library just to offer to drive him home. It was a p r o c e s s, but good things take time, right? Chris finally asked me to be his girlfriend in June 2014, and the rest is history. We live in an apartment down the street from Fenway Park in Boston with our sweet pup, Rita (short for Margarita, of course).

How They Asked

The night before he proposed, Chris suggested we go back to campus to take a holiday photo of our little family because he was excited to try his new iPhone 11 cameras. I was skeptical given it was too late to make a Christmas card, and Chris doesn’t even have an Instagram to post on. He wanted to bring the dog, who loves to play fetch (and also has an Instagram) so I obliged. When we arrived at BC, Chris suggested we throw the ball for Rita on the field in front of the Bapst Library, BC’s picturesque library. Barreling towards the field with the eager dog, I didn’t even notice that Chris had started to fall behind us. I heard him say “Elle, could you come back here for a second?” and my heart literally skipped 7 beats.


Rita and I turned around, and Chris was down on one knee in front of the eagle statue on Linden Lane. Thinking she was getting the treat of all treats, Rita cut me off and got right in front of Chris. We were both hysterically laughing, but he managed to ask, and Rita and I both said yes! There were so many more incredible surprises after that. Chris had booked a photographer who captured everything, and he had our families hiding behind the library with champagne to celebrate. Cue all the happy tears. We went to dinner all together at the restaurant where we went on our first date. It was the most thoughtful, special, and exciting day I could have ever imagined.

Special Thanks

Nick Cosky
 | Photographer