Elleott and Tyler

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Big Sky, Montana

How We Met

Tyler and I met at our community pool just before my 14th birthday. We became friends and then that year in October he asked me to be his girlfriend. After high school we went to separate universities. For 4 years we were long distance, it was hard! Tyler had plans to go to law school and I had just accepted a job to stay in Fayetteville, Arkansas after college. Tyler and I settled in Arkansas with our two dogs. Okay

how they asked

After almost 9 years of dating, the day had finally come where he proposed! My family was vacationing in Big Sky, Montana at the end of July. Tyler had been in Little Rock, Arkansas for the weeks prior to my vacation. Unfortunately, due to work Tyler could not come on vacation with us, or so I thought. After a very long day at work I headed to the airport to get on my first leg of my flight to Utah, I was flying there and then driving from Utah to Montana. When I got to my layover in Dallas I actually fell asleep and missed my flight to Utah. I called Tyler immediately, I was crying and mortified. Luckily, I was able to get on another flight that night. Tyler was trying to get on his flight when I called, but I had no idea he was at the airport. He and my mother had arranged for him to surprise me as an early birthday present.

Once I landed in Utah, I went to my cousin’s house. Once I was at my cousin’s, Tyler came out and surprised me that he was staying the weekend with us and would make the drive to Montana and then fly back to Little Rock. It was crazy! We got about 36 hours with each other. The next day we all got in the car and drove to Montana. That night we had planned on taking family pictures, both of my sisters are photographers so we were pretty relaxed about the timing of photos. We got ready and headed downstairs to meet the rest of the family.

After sitting around for a little while, Tyler asked me to come scope out areas to take the family picture. When we walked outside and turned the corner, I could see the blanket and flowers Tyler had set up. Once we got into the cove of trees I could see all my siblings set up with various cameras to campture the moment. I kept thinking “this is a really mean joke”! I had always told Tyler I couldn’t wait to marry him. He always joked and said if it were up to me on when we would get married it would’ve been when we were 14. Who knew I would have to wait 9 more years!

Special Thanks

Marlow Amick
 | Photographer
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