Ellen and Sam

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How We Met

December 2014: I’m a nurse on the stem cell transplant floor for leukemia patients. I was giving morning meds and chatting with one of my patients and she asked if I was single because she wanted to set me up with her nephew. I laughed it off until I checked on her an hour later and she said “come back in a little bit – I told my nephew I wanted him to meet you and he’ll be here shortly.” (Come to find out later, she tricked him into coming by saying she was starting harsh chemo and wanted him to come visit her – when he arrived she said “that’s a lie, I just want to introduce you to my cute nurse”). We briefly met and when he left, she asked for my number to give him. He called me the next day (Friday), we went on a date Sunday, and we’ve been in love ever since. Six months after we were together, his aunt passed away. I will be forever grateful to her that she wasn’t joking and that he got off the elevator that day.

how they asked

Sam picks me up and drops me off at work every day. So I always text him a 15-minute notice so he can leave and come pick me up. He was like oh Steve (his uncle who’s wife Jan is the one who set us up) got a new car, he’s gonna come pick ya up in his new ride! So Steve picks me up and was like “Sam and I were on a walk in forest park and he realized it was time to come pick you up! He’s right down there we’ll go pick him up.” So he tells me to go down this path, so I start walking and my mom walks out holding a rose. I started tearing up because before his aunt passed away, she made me promise to have roses at our wedding to commemorate her. We cried and she told me to keep walking. So I walk so more and then comes my dad and he’s like “You’ve had my heart since the sonogram.

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You will always be my number one, but you have your own number one now. Go get him my sweets” so now I’m balling and keep walking and there is my sister who lives out of town. She’s like “you wanted it to be a surprise!” And we were both ugly crying and I kind of started to black out. So she tells me to follow the path, which is all lit with tea lights and bags and leads to this bench that has rose petals everywhere and a letter that has on the front of it “My ideal day on March 16th, 2027”

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So I read it all and come to find out, Sam had written last year on March 16th, 2017 when he was abroad in Rome and it was all about our life together in 2027. He said that’s when he decided he was going to propose a year ago from that day. So as I’m finished reading it, he comes from behind the trees and got down on one knee with the hospital where we met in the background. Then his parents came out from behind the trees and our families were both there to celebrate!

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