Ellen and Paul

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Paul and I have known each other since high school and even had a large amount of mutual friends, but never really knew each other all that well. In November of 2014, we actually ran into each at a local bar and a friend of ours saw us hitting it off and came over to talk to us. I had just come from a friend’s wedding, so our friend (who had recently been ordained) joked that he wanted to practice his speech for an upcoming wedding. That was our first kiss! Paul ended up moving away to coach baseball shortly thereafter, and our short-lived romance fizzled. A year later in the Fall of 2015, Paul was back in town and asked if I’d like to get together. I said, “Sure!” and we went on our first official date and have been together ever since. 2 years later, on a rooftop in Denver (our new home town) with a gorgeous Colorado sunset in the background, Paul asked me to be his wife and it was the single greatest moment of my life. So incredibly lucky to spend my life with this man!

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