Ellen and Mike

How We Met: We met at the University of Kentucky College of Law annual Halloween party in 2012. I was a first-year law student, and Mike was the guest of a college fraternity brother, who also attended law school. Mike was working as a chemical engineer in Tennessee at that time, and was only in Lexington, where he had attended college, sporadically. That night, we actually did not hit it off well at all!

Thankfully, we met again a few months later on a Christmas-break trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and had the chance for a second “first impression.” After that trip, we began spending more time together, and Mike eventually trusted me to take his beloved rescue dog, Nelli, on runs with me.

Once I had Nelli’s approval, Mike and I began dating in early 2013, and live together happily in Lexington, Kentucky. Since then, we have added another precious pup, Tucker, to our little family, Mike has completed his first year of medical school at the University of Kentucky, and I have graduated from law school.

Image 1 of Ellen and Mike

how they asked: Since Nelli played such an important role in how we began dating, Mike knew she had to be part of his proposal. I came home from work, and as always, was greeted at the door by our two big, fluffy pups. I noticed Nelli had a pink bow tied around her neck, and immediately asked Mike what the occasion was. He told me to check the ribbon, and as I untied the bow, I saw the stunning engagement ring.

Image 2 of Ellen and Mike

Mike dropped to one knee, took the ring, and beautifully proposed. Both of our dogs thought it was playtime, since their Daddy was partially down on the floor, which just added to the joyous mood of the proposal! After calling our friends and families, Mike surprised me with dinner reservations at the restaurant where we had celebrated our very first dating anniversary.

Image 3 of Ellen and Mike