Ellen and Matt


How We Met

We met through working at Chick-fil-a. As we like to say, that’s where our Chick-fil-ationship started :) He was always quiet and reserved and I was in a relationship for a while. We worked together for 2 years without really recognizing each other and once we did, we were instantly best friends!

From there, it was as simple as him asking me out and me never looking back. Matt says he knew from the moment he met me that he’d marry me.

how they asked

I had always wanted our families to be a part of this moment with us. I should have known when a family photoshoot came up that this was all in the works. While getting our joint family photos done I was plenty distracted trying to help our photographer get family members in place.

At one point our photographer told us to walk down a path holding hands along with my sister and her boyfriend. I even remember being frustrated because 2 seconds later they disappeared.


And that was the moment. Matt looked at me and told me to ease my nerves and savor the moment. It started drizzling and I looked out into the creek and remembered that I told Matt that I’d want to come to this spot for engagement photos one day.


To which he responded by chuckling and asking if I wanted to get engaged there. I thought, surely he’s teasing. But before I knew it he was on one knee and I began to bawl my little eyes out.


Matt, with and smile and a tear, began to tell me a story about a man and woman that fell in love.


Learning that he was talking about his own mom and dad and relishing in how special this moment was because his dad passed away when he was just 8 years old-my heart was so humbled to see the emotion in his story. I couldn’t believe he was choosing me to share this future together.


He asked if I would accept the honor of wearing the ring and of being his wife forever. Through the rain and the tears, I said the happiest yes of my life.









Special Thanks

Stephanie Moreira
Stephanie Paula Photography