Ellen and Les

How We Met

We met at a country music festival, his friend knew my friend but we had never met before. 5 minutes after we met, he offered to hold my bag so I didn’t have to. Later that night he put his hat on my head as we watched our favorite artist. I was pretty much set on making him my husband from that point. We became best friends, fishing buddies and even though we lived an hour apart, we spent most of our free time together. 3 months later, my family took him to Sydney to see a light display called ‘Vivid’ & he asked me to be his girlfriend on the steps of the Opera House which was lit up beautifully.

how they asked

We moved across the country together, with our puppy 6 months ago. My parents came up north to visit & he asked for their blessing. On the way home, we took a detour to see Uluru because he knows it’s the one place I’ve wanted to go since childhood. Les is not usually the best planner, but he managed to book a tour & keep it a surprise! Amazing effort for him!! We watched the sunset over Uluru while sipping champagne & beer, as the ‘Field of Lights’ display lit up. After sunset, we walked with the crowd down into the Field of Lights, another thing I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do.

We ended up being alone right in the best spot of the light display, as three girls walked past and took some photos for us. Thays when Les got down on one knee, got the ring box OUT OF HIS BOOT hahaha and I started to jump around giggling. It was the most perfect moment of my life and we laughed our whole way through it. Far out I’m so excited to marry this man!