Ellen and Joseph

How We Met

I would never suspect that the feisty 14 year old in my mom’s CCD class would eventually be my fiance, let alone boyfriend.  We went through school knowing each other, but never crossed paths.  In the Spring of 2009, my closest girlfriend Sammi suggested bringing Joe to the prom, as he was her dates best friend.  I thought the idea was absolutely ridiculous – I barely knew him!  I dismissed the idea and went with someone else.

Fast forward to Spring of 2014, I started my job in New York City and began the life of a commuter.  My first week, I noticed Joe on the bus line and shyly waved to him.  He came up to me after I sat down, “May I sit here?”, and this became our routine.  We sat together for nearly 8 months and got to know every detail about each other.  He quickly became my best friend.  In the fall, we took it to the next level and tried out dating.  It was the best decision I ever made.

how they asked

I had always made up scenarios in my head of how my future fiance would propose – every girl does this right?  With Joe and I both working in New York City, I imagined something romantic, possibly in Central Park or in an intimate restaurant downtown.  I didn’t want to think too much about it, though – I needed to let him have this moment.  But when my one of my closest girlfriends, Sammi, asked me to get my nails done, I can’t say I wasn’t suspicious.  He knew I wanted to have my nails done for the proposal, but again, I couldn’t think too much about it.  Joe is always romantic and I knew he would have something up his sleeve to make this moment special for us.  Almost a week went by, and I practically forgot about the whole theory of a proposal.

We were waiting on line for our bus on a Friday in December, like we have been doing every day for over a year together, and naturally the bus was late.  We started reminiscing about how this was what really got the relationship started – NJ Transit.  We knew each other from high school, but it was our commute that brought us together and fall in love.  He reminded me about how when we started dating, he had told his friend that kissing me was like eating Pringles; once you pop, you can’t stop.  This became our code word for “kiss” and it was perfect.

When we finally took our sits next to each other on the bus, he asked if I wanted a snack.  He whipped out a Pringles can and my heart swelled.  But then I realized I was hearing, “I have another question for you…will you marry me?”  Before I knew it, the black velvet ring box came out of the can and he opened it to reveal the most stunning ring.  Naturally in shock, I replied “What?!  You’re doing this here?!”  I eventually said yes through my happy tears and cries and kissed the love of my life.  The regular bus goers smiled and congratulated us and we drove home.  It was the sweetest proposal and so perfect for us – I wouldn’t want it any other way.