Ellen and Dan

how we met

I met Dan on a dating app in April of 2018. We chatted for a couple of weeks and then met in person for our first date at the Knickerbocker in downtown Lafayette.

how they asked

Dan took me on a birthday trip to Gatlinburg. As soon as we got there, we parked the car and hiked the Chimney Tops trail. It was raining and I was maybe having a little panic attack over getting hit by lightning or eaten by a bear (I blame my friend Andrea for the bear thing). At the top, I saw two weird men and I looked to see if they had a gun….then I saw a camera and realized it was two weird men taking pictures. After Dan proposed, I looked over and saw that one of the two weird men was Nate – which honestly shocked me most of all, but the whole experience was a surprise and so fun.

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