Ellen and Bob

How We Met

I first met Bob our Sophomore year in highschool at a hockey game. I knew his brother so when he walked by I said Hi to him & his friends (Bob being one of them) Bob had just won a stuffed dinosaur from the claw machine and asked me if I wanted it – I laughed and said no thanks like the awkward 15 year old I was. That night I got Bob’s number from a friend, we started talking and he asked me out a month later at the same rink we met out on the ice at free skate.

how they asked

7 years later, we’re still together. The night of our anniversary this year we had just gotten home from a romantic dinner and walk through a beautiful garden of Christmas lights. I have to admit that I did have hopes of him proposing that night, but I didn’t think anything of it when he said he left his phone in the car – I figured if he was going to do anything, it would’ve been throughout our night out…but when he walked back in the door, instead of his phone he gave me a gift bag and said “I know we said no presents this year, but I got you something..I tried to give it to you before but it didn’t work” in the bag he handed me was a stuffed dinosaur, exactly like the one he had offered me 7 years ago that I had turned down. Next thing I knew, I turned around to thank him and I heard him say “but it came with something else” then he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen.