Ellen and Aaron

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How We Met

Aaron and I met through tennis. He played tennis at Michigan State and I played at Iowa, but growing up we both traveled to all of the same tournaments. We would text occasionally, but it wasn’t until he came to Iowa to play Big Ten Indoors(Iowa hosted that year) that we really started to like each other. My teammates and I came to watch and we hung out after his matches. The funny thing is, he actually won the entire tournament! Distance had nothing on us because he would drive to Iowa on the weekends from Michigan State as much as he could and we would Skype. We also had all summer to see each other! From then on it was history. It was meant to be!

how they asked

We now live together in Scottsdale, Arizona, so when we go back home to Michigan where we are both from we like to visit Chicago. My whole dads side of the family is from there, so I first brought Aaron there about three years ago. We love walking around downtown in the city, shopping, going to good restaurants, and visiting with my family. When we were home for the holidays, Aaron said he wanted to take me to Chicago for one night before Christmas. I didn’t think anything of it because like I said, we both love going there and now that we live in Arizona, we don’t get to go very often. We left early in the morning (only a 3 hour drive) and we checked into our hotel where he had surprised me with a suite right downtown on Michigan Avenue. We walked around most of the day and went shopping. I had always wanted to do a horse and carriage ride through the city, so Aaron had previously made reservations for us to do so. We went all through the city with the snow falling and got to see all of the beautiful lights. I had made dinner reservations at Gibsons (one of our favorite places to eat there) after the carriage ride, but we had about thirty minutes to kill. Aaron told me wanted to go to the park across from the restaurant. When we got there, he got down on one knee and had me open a Tiffany’s blue box, and he PROPOSED!

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I was in shock and the happiest girl in the world! I started asking him a million questions and he told me he had a surprise for me and that we weren’t going to Gibsons, but we were going to Tavern on Rush for dinner which is also one of our favorite restaurants. When we walked in they took us upstairs to what I thought was our table. Turns out Aaron rented out a room in the restaurant and both of our families were all there and completely surprised me! They got to see the whole proposal from the window of the restaurant because the park was right across the street! There was cake, balloons, and our families. My sisters even dressed in disguise and sat on the benches in the park so they could take pictures! I had no idea until they told me. After dinner, we went back to our room and there awaited another surprise. Our entire room was decorated with balloons, streamers, flowers, candles, and Champagne. I was still in shock! It was the best night of my life and I CAN’T WAIT to spend the rest of my life with Aaron! It was a dream come true!

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