Elle Faith and Cameron


How We Met

Cameron and I met back in Spring of 2011. We were both working at Lowes Home Improvement store. He was in electrical and I was customer service. Our mutual friends thought it would be a good idea for us to go out on a date, and we have been driving each other crazy ever since. We introduced our daughter in August of 2012 and have enjoyed every minute of being parents!


A picture of us at our first baseball game, summer of 2011!

how they asked

On Saturday, November 26 a photo session was scheduled for Cameron’s side of the family since everyone would be in town for Thanksgiving. My sister-in-law who is an amateur photographer, was taking all of our pictures. We started off with a group family pic, and then we did individual family pictures. Without anyone noticing, including me, Cameron slipped a necklace with my ring on it (as seen in the picture below) over our daughter. We took our pictures as we normally do.


My sister-in-law asked, “OK, I think we got some good ones”, but Cameron insisted that she take some more. He gave her the “eye” (as in something is about to go down, keep snapping!). So she kept snapping pictures. Cameron asked me to fix our daughter’s bow but I still did not see the necklace. So he whispered to our daughter, “Show mommy your necklace.”



Seeing the ring, my initial response was, “SHUT UP!”. Cameron and I have been planning our wedding (asked all my bridesmaids, picked a venue, and even picked out my wedding dress), I was just waiting on his official proposal. We don’t like to be too traditional! Cameron took the necklace off of our daughter and took the ring off, got down on one knee and asked the words I have been patiently waiting for, “Elle Faith San Agustin will you marry me?”




I SAID YES! I knew this day would come soon, but I never knew he would plan something like this. No one knew Cameron was going to propose, he included our daughter, and we were surrounded by his family. It was absolutely perfect! I love you Cameron!

Special Thanks

Megan Little