Elle and Seth

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How We Met

Elle and I met in the summer of 2013 online. We’d met on a dating website called MeetMe. I had used the site’s “spotlight” feature which puts you at the top of the website page for all to see. I’d never been on dating sites before and decided to give them a try after I’d broke away from a toxic long-term relationship. I was sitting at a stoplight on my way home from the store one night and heard my phone jingle. I looked at the preview message, it read “Hey handsome”. I was excited to say the least, never been much of a ladies man, so catching the attention of anyone was a new feat for me! I opened the app and looked at who messaged me. Her name was Elle. She lived in Arvada Colorado (50 miles south of me) and she was jaw dropping beautiful!

My heart started racing like crazy! I checked out her profile and was just blown away! She was seriously the most gorgeous woman I’d ever laid eyes on! Her stunning little smile, her cute little freckles, her everything! I was in such disbelief she’d messaged me that I sat through the stoplight cycle three times unable to look away! We talked all night long! We really hit it off, I was glued to my phone, unable to break my attention away from her profile. She was perfection! We’d talked all day and all night for about a month before our first date. It was awkward to say the least. We both knew each other but hadn’t ever seen each other face to face. From that date forward, we couldn’t see enough of each other no matter how much distance stood between us.qZ

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(First picture of us together, Shortly before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend July 13th, 2013)

how they asked

Elle and I had been dating for a little over a year and I knew without a doubt in my mind I wanted her to be my wife! We’d been through a ton of stuff in the short time together that tested our characters and showed our true colors. We both were madly in love and knew we were all each other wanted for the rest of our lives. We’d talk about our wedding, our dream house, the kids we’d raise together. Well, you know what Beyoncé said “If you liked it, you should have put a ring on it”. I wasn’t about to let this wonderful lady go or gamble her having doubts that I’d ever pop the question. We’d just been through a really testing time with my surgery.

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Long story short, my stomach was in my right chest cavity. How it got there? Nobody is sure, but it almost killed me. It was a 6 hour surgery between two surgeons, two 9″ incisions and a whole bunch or rehabilitation and recovery time after. She stayed by my side through the entire thing!

If ever there was a time to enact a plan to show her what she meant to me, this was it! All that went down at the beginning of the year, so by November I was feeling well enough to make this thing happen! I started crafting a plan, working on a constrained timeline and trying to keep it a secret from my other half! I wanted to ask her to be my wife on November 13th, so I could use our month-iversary as a cover. I wrote a script, hired a voice actor, rented out a historic theater in our city and started animating! It was an animation about our love story leading up to that moment, packed with inside jokes and poor animation skills!

There would be nights I’d be working on the animation under a bed sheet at the computer to keep Elle from seeing what I was doing! After about a month of prep, the night finally came! I asked Elle if she’d like to go to dinner for our month-iversary. We went to a steakhouse down the street from the theater. This was to put us in close proximity to the theater without tipping her off that the engagement was going down that night. Also served to dress up a little bit for the occasion. The film was set to play at exactly 7pm. I dragged dinner out a little bit trying to hit our time perfectly. I went to the bathroom and called my mom to choreograph this thing the best I could. We walked down the street and I casually said “Hey, want to see a movie at the Rialto?” as we’d talked about it before.

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She agreed and we went in, I kind of goofed when we started heading straight into the theater without talking to the lady in the ticket booth. “Don’t we have to get tickets?”. I explained I’d already picked some up earlier and the lady waved us through. She was suspicious! The movie was already playing, I’d added an old time movie as a buffer before the animation to give us time to sneak into the theater and grab our seats. It was dark. This was on purpose though. I had invited all her friends and family to be there! She’d made mention in conversations that she wanted to have people see me propose to her when I got around to it. I gave them all a masquerade mask to hide their identities and a rose to throw after the film. She was grinning ear to ear, confused to say the least. The animation ran it’s course. At the end of it, the narrator asked for us to get up on the stage. I grabbed her hand and hurried to lead her to the stage. Once on the stage, I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife.

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She said yes! Happiest man in the world jumped up and kissed her as the house lights came up and everyone applauded! She was confused by the masks only for everyone to remove them and realize it was all of her family and friends! At the same time the shower of roses began!

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We set the wedding for July 13th, 2017 (keeping our anniversary) to give ourselves time to pay and plan for the wedding and make sure it was everything we ever wanted it to be. We chose our dream venue and booked Brookeside Gardens in Berthoud Colorado. She even loved the venue so much, she started working there as a hair stylist! Counting down the days until we become Mr. and Mrs! I’ll leave you with a picture of where my beautiful bride will be walking down the aisle!

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