Ella and Will

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At our lovely home

How We Met

In true Millennial fashion, William and I ‘met’ on the dating app Bumble! I’m no comedian, so I opened with a very unimaginative ‘Hi Will’. Before long, we were communicating daily within the app. I wasn’t speaking to anyone else there after a few weeks, so I made the first move and asked for his number.

Over the next few weeks, we were speaking daily, sharing funny stories and sending voicenotes about our rubbish commutes. Our relationship was beginning to develop on a deeper level and we began arranging our first date.

However, in what I thought was the strangest par known to man, William suddenly told me that he had caught shingles and was unable to meet. Already preparing for the worst, I spent the next couple of weeks lamenting that I wasn’t going to meet the first normal and totally cool guy I’d met whilst navigating the minefield of London dating. You can actually read about some of the other guys I met here.

SIX (LONG) WEEKS later, William was finally well enough to start getting out and about, and we arranged our first date at The Globe in Brentford. We met at 6pm and were there until closing time. No awkwardness, no ‘emergency’ phone calls, no drama. Before leaving, we arranged to see each other again the following week and I left in an Uber, regaling the poor driver with the details of the night.

The rest is history. Things got serious, we moved in together in September 2017 and just over two and a half years since we met –we’re engaged!

Proposal Ideas At our lovely home

How They Asked

I’d known that William was The One for a long time. He is the gentlest, thoughtful, kindest and funniest soul I have ever met, and there is not a day that goes by where he doesn’t put a smile on my face. We spoke about our futures fairly early on in our relationship and knew that we were both in it for the long-haul, so I simply waited until William knew it was the right moment to ask the question that would make me the happiest girl alive.

On New Year’s Eve, Will and I were due to go out for dinner at our favourite restaurant. I can’t explain it, but whilst I was getting ready, I was overcome with nerves and excitement that came out of nowhere – I was actually shaking! I pushed the feelings down and got on with our evening.

When we came back home at around 11pm after a lovely meal, we put on some records and had a dance around the living room. Just before midnight, we put on the TV to watch the countdown and fireworks. At the stroke of midnight, I turned to my right and William was on bended knee, holding the most perfect ring out to me.

He said: “Before I met you, I was looking backwards. Now, I’m looking forwards.”

Poor Will – I didn’t immediately say yes. I asked if he was joking, then burst into tears and collapsed into his arms. Once I’d calmed down slightly, he asked me again and I was able to say a very definite yes. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

We spent the rest of the evening ringing family to tell them our good news. We’re both so excited and the reaction we’ve had from everyone we know has been overwhelming. We can’t wait for the next journey in our lives!