Ella and Sean

How We Met

Sean and I met a year ago in Dallas, TX. Going to the same restaurants and bars for multiple years, and living on a street down from each other, we were bound to meet one day. That day happened. Multiple dates went by and he was eager to keep them going. We played tennis, rode bikes around town, rock climbed, made homemade grilled cheese and tomato soup, but it wasn’t until we start our OAB, “Our Adventure Book” was it that I had fallen in love with this man. Someone who we both look back now and realize that people really do meet for a reason and meet at the right time. Over the year we planned celebrated our birthdays, went on trips to San Diego, Michigan to a soccer game, Boston to a New England Patriots game, went on a Caribbean cruise for Christmas and moved in together.

How They Asked

Fast forward to February 2019 when we head to Europe for a three country adventure with 4 other people. We had talked about engagement and about rings before so we knew we were on the same page. We went to Amsterdam, Germany and the last stop was Rome, Italy. Rome was the stop to celebrate Sean’s BIG 30TH BIRTHDAY!

The day after his birthday he tells everyone to dress up as we are going to take nice pictures and go to a nice brunch, thankfully it was 55 and sunny! Finally got to wear the one dress I had. We head to the breakfast spot, as we get out it was closed like permanently closed. Everyone laughed and looked confused (this was not part of the plan, I later find out). Sean gets on the phone with someone and we head to a terrace lookout spot to see the whole city of Rome. A photographer meets us there and starts taking pictures of everyone. Sean gets me alone and I start to get butterflies. At this point, I knew something was about to happen! He tells me he has a “surprise” for me, he pulls out this box and opens it….. its a necklace. lol. I loved it but then thought well maybe not? Sean explains that the engraving on the necklace was the exact coordinates of where we were standing in Rome.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rome, Italy

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rome, Italy

I turn around and Sean puts the necklace on me, I can hear his small tears as he puts the necklace on. Then the next moment that I turn back around towards Sean, he is done on one knee. Tears are flowing and he asks me to marry him!! It was amazing!! The strangers around us cheering and crying for us. The champagne bottles were popped and our friends are there to celebrate the moment with us. Sean later tells me he had this whole speech prepared, but once the moment came, emotions overtook, hands shaking, and both of us crying, it was the perfect proposal!

We couldn’t be happier and are excited to start planning the wedding and to celebrate back at home!!

Ella's Proposal in Rome, Italy

Special Thanks

Mike Kire
 | Photographer
Blue Nile
 | Ring