Ella and Igor

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How We Met

We met quite randomly, when I flew home from overseas on a cold winter’s day (December 21st 2012), and my best friend at the time very much forced me to go out to a club with her despite my jetlag. She explained that her and a guy she went for a coffee with had agreed to go to a club and each bring a friend along. Though I didn’t want to go, I still tagged along, and Igor ended up being the guy’s friend. The evening was a bit of a drag, but Igor added me on Facebook the next day, and six days later took me out for dinner for the greatest first date I’d ever been on… and the rest is history!

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how they asked

It was a Wednesday and two days before our planned trip to Miami for the Canada Day long weekend. He sent me a text during lunchtime, saying he wanted to go to the French fine dining restaurant we always go to for birthdays, special occasions, and sometimes date nights. I was a little surprised that he wanted to go so spontaneously, but he mentioned that he was still craving their soup from when our plans of going there on the weekend fell through. I was super excited for the spontaneous date night, and didn’t expect a proposal knowing our parents were not coming to dinner with us. Just to backtrack a little, this is a restaurant my parents have been taking me and my brother for over 20 years for every single family birthday. When Igor and I started dating, he started coming with us, and eventually got his parents hooked as well. Over the past year, our parents started inviting each other out for birthdays and anniversaries as well, and it just became everyone’s go-to for any occasion. We sat down at a table where we’ve sat before for date nights, and once the wine was poured, Igor offered to make a toast, “I think family traditions are important, and it’s incredible how your family has been coming here for so many years. The restaurant owners have watched you grow, and your parents created a tradition that you could always look forward to for every holiday. I hope one day we can achieve the same thing for our family, and that our kids will have traditions they can grow with. So I want to ask you this: will you save the last dance for me?” As the tears started pouring down my face and I said yes, both mine and his parents walked up to our table ready to celebrate. The family tradition of celebrating milestones and special occasions at the little French restaurant continues, and we can’t wait to keep it going for another 20+ years.

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Special Thanks

Maryana Shor
 | Photographer