Elizabeth and Phil

How We Met

In 2012, Phil graduated from the University of Iowa and moved to Fort Worth, Texas to pursue a career in oil & gas. At the time, Elizabeth, a Chicago native, was a junior at TCU, also in Fort Worth. Phil and Elizabeth shared several mutual friends from the midwest, but had never crossed paths.

Elizabeth and Phil's Engagement in Laguna Beach, CA

One fall night, a mutual friend of theirs offered to pick Phil up from a Texas Rangers watch party and give him a ride home. Elizabeth was already in their friend’s car in her post-workout attire – complete with high pony tail and no makeup, but their friend promised her it wouldn’t take long. Phil now recalls this night as the night he found “the one”.

Elizabeth's Proposal in Laguna Beach, CA

After that night, Phil was determined to take Elizabeth out to dinner. She was interning at an advertising agency at the time on top of a heavy class load, and timing never worked out for them to make plans. As family weekend approached, Phil asked Elizabeth if she was taking her parents to the TCU football game. After finding out she didn’t have tickets, Phil offered up his own. Elizabeth and her parents went to go pick up the tickets from the tailgate that Phil and his parents were at before the game – where they met his parents, as well as Phil.

Proposal Ideas Laguna Beach, CA

Following the game, as a gesture to thank Phil for the tickets, Elizabeth’s mom, Cindi, suggested they take him out to dinner. Afraid he would say no, Elizabeth reluctantly passed along the invite to Phil. To her surprise, Phil said yes and the four went out to dinner – later to be known as Elizabeth and Phil’s first date (years later she found out Phil had already eaten dinner, but didn’t want to pass up the opportunity).

Needless to say, TCU football has earned a special place in their hearts, as it was ultimately what brought them together.

how they asked

On the first weekend of October 2015, after three years of Phil continuing to sweep Elizabeth off her feet, they took a trip to beautiful southern California to celebrate their anniversary and Phil’s graduation from his MBA. They spent the first two days of their trip in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills, but planned to spend the rest of their time relaxing on the beaches of Orange County. On the second night, Phil had made reservations for a celebratory dinner at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. He knew this was a memorable place for her because this was the resort that Elizabeth’s family used to stay at on their trips to Laguna.

They arrived to dinner a bit early, so Phil suggested it’d be nice to walk on the beach to watch the sunset. After taking in the beauty of the ocean and the surroundings of the resort, Phil got down on one knee and asked Elizabeth for her hand in marriage.

Meanwhile, Phil had hired a photographer that was hidden to capture every moment. After they had a chance to catch their breath, the photographer came out and introduced himself and told them he was going to shoot an engagement photo session during the sunset.

Following the shoot, they had a romantic, intimate dinner at the Studio restaurant overlooking the ocean. The rest of the evening, they spent listening to live music. Once the musician caught wind of their engagement, he dedicated several songs to them and announced their engagement to the crowd. During his break, the musician congratulated the two and they found out that he was originally from Dallas – such a special coincidence!

The two spent the rest of their trip celebrating their engagement and letting it all soak in. Once they had returned home, Phil had arranged for Elizabeth’s family (her parents live in Chicago, IL and her sister lives in Boulder, CO) to celebrate in Fort Worth!

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