Elizabeth and Kyle

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How We Met

I am glad my schedule was clear when Uncle Jeff and Grandpa Will asked me if I wanted to go to the 49ers game on that fateful Monday night. As we rode the escalator up the south side of Candlestick Park, getting ready for kick off I certainly did not expect Colin Kaepernick would replace an injured Alex Smith and lead the Niners to victory. I also didn’t expect that I would meet the woman of my dreams moments later (at the same stadium where I attended the first ballgames I ever went to back when I was a Giants fan), but that is exactly what happened. When we got to our seats, there was a cute girl wearing a red French beret-style hat (she claims it was a beanie). She was sitting with the guys I had high-fived for years whenever the Niners scored. I had my eye on her as I settled in, but thought, “who meets women at football games? ” I sat, watched the action, tracked my fantasy football team, and couldn’t help but keep my eye on the cute girl a row in front of me. As the game went on, Uncle Jeff and Ryan, one of the guys with the cute girl, were scheming. “Kyle… pssssst. She’s really cool.

She’s good at sports. She’s into you.” “Oh brother,” I thought, “this is going to be painfully awkward.” I got up to get a beer, and when I came back, it was clear that the scheming had continued. I could hardly handle the tension. When the cute girl got up, I moved to the seat next to hers. When she got back, I told her that if anyone was going to be talking about us, it should be us. “I’m Kyle, nice to meet you.” That would be the last pick up line I’d ever need. From that moment, the game didn’t matter. Time flew as we got to know each other. I soon realized this was going to be the start of something big if I had anything to say about it. So I channeled my inner ladies man and ever so smoothly asked for her number as we were saying bye. As they say, the rest is history. Whether we like it or not, our relationship is forever linked to Kaepernick’s career. Although, I do want the record to show, I got down on one knee before he tried to make it the cool thing to do. Our relationship has already outlasted the ‘Stick, and now the sky’s the limit. I cannot wait to marry the cute girl wearing a beret I met at the Niners game.

how they asked

I had known that Elizabeth was the one, but I was just waiting for the perfect time. I asked her folks for their blessing and bought the ring I knew she’d love, but I was waiting for my car to be paid off, or to buy a home, or to be in perfect shape. In hindsight, I am not sure I was really waiting for anything other than for my own self to take the biggest leap of my life. I finally decided that taking her out for a nice birthday dinner was the perfect cover for me to surprise her by getting down on one knee. I proceeded to make dinner reservations in Pacific Grove and to book Russell Edwards, my longtime friend and an amazing professional photographer, for a photo-shoot. The plan was to pick her up from work in Santa Clara and drive a couple of hours down south to Lovers Point, a park nestled along the Pacific Grove coast past Monterey. Russell would be waiting for us, hiding behind bushes since Elizabeth knows him, so that he could capture the moment.

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The day came, and everything was going according to plan (other than being about 30 minutes behind schedule and encountering some of the thickest fog imaginable on the drive). I pushed our dinner reservation back a bit and texted Russell to fill him in, all unbeknownst to Elizabeth. As we arrived, the coast was clear (both of fog and of Russell). Once we parked, we walked out to Lovers Point. As we strolled through the park, I tried to initiate a bit of sentimental conversation until we passed Russell in the bushes. The time was now! I got down on one knee but have no idea what happened next.

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The shock of the moment completely consumed us both, and we have been able to piece together bits of memories between the photos and hearing both versions of our story.

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The rest of the night was a roller coaster. She was over the moon and rushed to tell her friends and family the news. I think she really does like the diamond I picked out for her too! We are extremely excited to get married in Georgia, Elizabeth’s home state, this April, surrounded by those that have helped shape our lives and relationship. And of course, we had to ask Russell to be our photographer yet again!

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