Elizabeth and Kenneth

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How We Met

Kenny and I met online. We started chatting and knew we had to meet one another in person. We met at a coffee shop in New Orleans initially and then decided to grab some sushi after. There was instant chemistry and attraction to one another! I could not keep my eyes off of him all during dinner because he was so handsome. Following dinner, we decided to head down to Frenchman Street to enjoy some live Jazz music and take in the sites and sounds of the city. We had the best first date and I knew he and I shared a special connection from the moment we met.

how they asked

For some reason, he planned an elaborate weekend in New Orleans and I wasn’t sure why. I felt like it might be because he was proposing, so Friday night while we were at dinner, I was quiet as a mouse. He asked why I was quiet and I just felt like I needed to tell him. He said that he was sorry to disappoint me, but it was just another one of our “fun weekends away” but stepped up a bit due to his recent promotion with his job. At that point, I let the idea go so I could relax and enjoy the weekend. Saturday morning, we ate some brunch and then decided to grab some coffee after. He took me to the coffee shop where we first met. I was still clueless as to what was about to happen. Once we finished our coffee, he asked what I wanted to do. I told him that I’d like to check out some of the shops along Magazine Street and he said “OK, but it’s such a nice day. Let’s take a walk first.” This isn’t unusual as we enjoy wandering around neighborhoods in the city to admire the architecture and colors of the unique homes. We came to a park and started to walk in.

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All of the sudden, a saxophone player popped out from behind a tree! I thought to myself, “well, it is New Orleans.” Two steps later, a guitar player appeared, then a trumpet player, and then a stand up bass! Once I saw the decor on the side of the fountain with our initials, I realized what was happening and I stopped dead in my tracks for a second. He pulled me closer to the fountain and dropped down on his knee saying, “You know my last name means ‘beautiful’, right?

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I can’t think of a more fitting last name for you to have. Will you marry me?” At this point I am in full blown can hardly breath tears, and all he got from me was an “uh huh!” with a very enthusiastic head nod. I literally went weak the in knees and he had to pull me back up! The band played another song while we danced by the fountain in the park allowing the photographer to capture some amazing pictures! It was like a scene out of a movie, and it was the most romantic and perfectly surprising moment of my life.

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Special Thanks

Traven Stout
 | Photographer
Stacey Asaro
 | Planning