Elizabeth and Will

How We Met

We were introduced by a mutual friend at a summer Bible Study group. Neither of us had romance in mind, but we slowly started hanging out and getting to know each other in group settings. We went to the movies, had some cooking parties with friends, and finally had our first solo outing hiking at Great Falls Park in Virginia. We both realized we were interested in more than friendship, but thought the other was not interested because we did so well at concealing our true feelings. Will finally worked up the courage to declare his feelings in the wee hours of a Saturday morning in December after a late night of swing dancing together at a ballroom in Baltimore. We started dating shortly afterwards. We both had a very intentional mind-set about dating, and we acknowledged right away that if all went well, we would be getting married one day. Over the next two and a half years we grew deeper in friendship and love and became close with one another’s families.

how they asked

We had been discussing marriage for months, and had been meeting with a mentor couple from church over the summer. Towards the end of the summer, some friends of ours asked me if we wanted to take them to a winery that we had often touted to them as being our favorite winery for a day-trip getaway. I agreed and the four of us planned to spend an afternoon at the winery to enjoy the last days of summer. It turned out to be a scorching hot day, so once we arrived we relaxed in the indoor seating and enjoyed several hours of wine and conversation. One of our friends is a professional photographer and she brought along her camera, as she often does on our outings. So when she took photos throughout the afternoon I thought nothing of it. It turns out that she, her husband, and Will were in cahoots for this outing to be an engagement photo shoot! Towards evening, our friend asked if we wanted to take a walk through the vineyard. It was still so hot, so I was reluctant but went along with it. I’m glad I did – at the top of the hill, with the valley behind us, Will dropped to one knee while my back was turned.

When I came around to face him, he brought a ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him! I was shocked and ecstatic, and said, “Yes, of course!” Our photographer friend captured the whole thing. I was so amazed by their careful planning and by Will’s thoughtfulness to take us all to a place that had such sentimental value to the two of us.

We went home in a daze, and our families were waiting for us at my parent’s home to celebrate with champagne! We planned for a wedding the following spring, and have now been married almost two months.

Special Thanks

L.A. Birdie Photography