Elizabeth and Tyler

How We Met

We met studying abroad in Australia. We went to Bond University and officially met on a weekend trip in Sydney.

how they asked

Tyler: I convinced Liz that there was a wine tasting at Boone Hall at 11:00 AM on Friday, June 9th in order to make sure that we arrived in a timely fashion. Liz is a teacher and I am a medical student, which is why we did not have to be at work on a Friday. We woke up and I picked us up egg sandwiches at Mozzo Deli while she got ready for Boone Hall. Liz, oblivious to the fact that she was an hour away from the proposal, took her time while I scrambled to make sure that everything was planned appropriately.

We finally headed to Boone Hall and parked in the visitors’ lot. We then walked over to the Avenue of Oaks, where I eventually popped the question. Our photographer, Valerie, was using a decoy couple to photograph the proposal and made sure to capture the moments leading up to it. We then finished our time at Boone Hall with a photoshoot with Valerie. We then went to SNOB for lunch and celebrated with friends that night!

Special Thanks