Elizabeth and Trey |Horseback Riding Marriage Proposal

How We Met: Trey and I met on the first day of my senior year, and his junior year in August of 2008. He had just transferred to my high school and didn’t really know anyone in our class. I normally am the shy person that doesn’t go out of my way to talk but for some reason I stepped out of my comfort zone and invited him to sit with our group of friends. It turned out that we had three out of four classes together! We became very close friends but did not start dating until six months later. Apparently we were the last to know that we were supposed to be together because all of friends continually asked when we were going to finally just date!


how they asked: It was a very pretty day on November 3, 2013 so I begged him to take me horseback riding on his family farm. He just kept putting me off saying he didn’t want to and finally he “gave in.” His sister went along with us taking his Mom’s camera so she could take pictures of the changing leaves, or so I was told. We rode around the back side of the farm for an hour or so and we came around the side of the farm to this little cove. He stopped and said that he wanted to let his horse rest for a moment so he told me to get off my horse.

I was reluctant at first not wanting to have to get back on and they both persisted that I get off. Once off, he started talking to me and he started saying things that had happened throughout the four and half years of our relationship. By this time I knew something was going on and then he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him! I had no idea what was going on until right before he dropped to one knee! He had his sister there to capture the whole thing in pictures! We rode back on my horse together and once we got back to his house he had both of our families waiting for us! They had all brought food and had decorated the yard all without me seeing while we were out riding!

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