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How We Met

Trey and I Matched on you guessed it…Match.com. We talked on the phone and messaging back and forth for over a month before our schedules actually allowed us to meet in person. It’s such a weird feeling realizing this person has everything you’re looking for in a life partner before actually meeting. Our first date was a Dave and Busters. It was a good way to hang out without the pressure of sitting across from one another interview style. No one has ever made me laugh like Trey, we had such a great time. I say he was hooked after he saw my competitive side, because I beat him in almost every single game=) He says he let me win;) We continued to date even though we were mild distances apart. We spent most weekends together and planned all our days off to spend with one another. Long distance wasn’t easy but I knew there was something special about him. I knew things were getting serious when he invited me to his family Christmas in Indiana insisting I needed to meet his mom and sister. I even invited him to a Columbus Blue Jackets game with all of my family where he asked me to be his girlfriend. Fast forward 10 months Trey has completely stolen my heart and we found our perfect match in one another and now we’re Engaged!

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how they asked

Trey has been an Usher at the Ohio State Games the past few football seasons, so when the opportunity for an “Usher Kick off the Season Party” arose I didn’t think twice about it. He was allowed to bring a few guests with him to tour the stadium, go into the press box, club seats, down on the field etc. I didn’t think twice about it. We’re both huge Ohio State fans! He had told me about it about a month before the big day and mentioned we could even get our picture taken with Brutus (our mascot). I was all for it because I’ve never gotten to meet him, or get a pic with him. Trey told me to ask my good friend Maria to come with us for the day, little did I know she already knew and was in on the huge plan. That morning Maria and I were talking about what we were going to wear (I wanted to wear yoga pants and a t-shirt), but she was like “Don’t you want to look cute for Brutus?”

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Knowing all along that I wouldn’t want my engagement pictures in that outfit. We arrived at the stadium and I still had no clue what was going to happen that afternoon. We took silly pictures laying in the end zone, posing on the field, and checking out the food trucks. Then the time came for us get our picture with Brutus. The 4 of us had planned to do the O H I O pose with Brutus, so when it was our turn I was confused why Maria was taking so long to get up there. Trey said “she’s taking too long, let’s just do one with us”. To my surprise she was stalling so she could be our photographer. So we start to do our poses except Trey is bending down….on one knee! I don’t remember a thing he said except Elizabeth, Will you marry me?

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I had always told Trey that I wanted the day to be a complete surprise, not on a major holiday, and for my mom to be there. CHECK, He did just that…but when we walked out I asked if my mom was there. They had just moved to Florida, so Trey told me that they were unable to make it back for the day and we could Video call them once we got home…How I bought that, I have no idea. We walked into the house to get changed to go to a celebratory dinner and…..All of our family and friends were there! My parents from Florida, all his family from Indiana, and all of our friends.

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It seriously was the best day of my life! I still can’t believe he pulled off this whole day without anyone blowing the surprise! The day was perfect and everything I have ever dreamed of.

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