Elizabeth and Steven

Image 1 of Elizabeth and StevenHow We Met: I remember seeing him off & on during my senior year of college and thought he was the cutest guy with the best smile. His sister is one of my best friends and joked around saying “you should just move back to Utah and date my brother instead of moving to NYC!” Well I moved back to Utah & Our first official “hang out” was building an IKEA dresser together for my apartment (which took us 6 hours cuz we kept talking & getting distracted). We started hanging out more and I remember us watching a movie one night & I really wanted to kiss him but he kept rejecting me!! I later found out that he didn’t want to kiss me because he thought it was lame to have a first kiss during a movie on a love sac so he waited until he could take me out on a special date to have our first kiss. & it was around this spot in this pic where we had our first kiss! I’m still on cloud 9 just thinking about the proposal. Steven did such an amazing job to make that night a very special night for us. I have never loved any boy so much until I met Steven. He has a heart of GOLD and is so passionate about our relationship. Steven has big dreams and never quits anything he sets his mind to. He’s the best teammate & knows how to make me the happiest (AKA Provo bakery donuts right after he proposed). I can’t wait for my happily ever after with the man of my dreams! The timing was perfect for us!

Image 2 of Elizabeth and Steven
how they asked: It was a normal day on Monday, March 23rd, 2015. I went to work and then during my lunch I had to return a dress and I picked up Steven from school to come with me. I bought a white dress when I returned the other and went back to work. I have everything in my planner to keep me organized. If I’m supposed to get lunch with a friend, they are written in the planner. After work, I planned to curl Kim’s hair to practice for her wedding day & then go shopping after. I invited Emilee Crowder to come shopping with us. As I was curling Kim’s hair she was soooo impatient and wanted me to hurry but I wanted to curl her hair right cuz it was practice for her wedding day!! But, then I finished and they somehow got me to my room because Kim said she’s never seen my room before. I noticed Emilee filming and I was like “what the heck?” Then she asked, “which is the dresser that you and Steven made?” I pointed it out to her and then showed Kim on how we messed up but never ended up fixing it and I guess a rose and a note was on the dresser but, you know me… I didn’t notice at all hahahaha. Finally, I did and I screamed! The note said: “You looked beautiful in that dress today. I can’t wait to spend everyday with you in Paradise.”

Keyword was Paradise and that’s at Aubergine&Co where we buy paradise smoothies all the time! Then Kim said to get that dress on and we were out the door on our way to Aubergine. My heart was pounding and there were a mixed of emotions. I can’t believe I was going to be engaged to the man of my dreams that night. I’ve wanted this day to happen since I was a little girl and it was happening!

We got to Aubergine and I showed the note to one of the coworkers and they were all smiles and handed me the Paradise smoothie with a rose and the next note. The next note said, “Liz! Meet me at the place we had dinner together after our first kiss! Muah! I might be a little late can you make a reservation for 8:00?” We got to Macaroni Grill and Kim said “well, make a reservation!” & I made a reservation and the hostess handed me a note and rose. The next note said “I fall harder for you everyday! Can you take advantage of your good looks and have a mini photo shoot at Bridal Veil Falls?”

Feeling flattered, we raced over to Bridal Veil Falls and while we were driving up the canyon, it was hailing, pouring rain and snow slushing on us the whole way! Kim pulled up to Bridal Veil Falls parking lot and there is Steven’s other sister Cheryl waiting under an umbrella with a note and a rose! That note said “I remember how nervous I was driving up to alpine loop to have my first kiss with you. I am excited for what is going to happen next. See you at our special spot! XOXO”Image 3 of Elizabeth and Steven

We started driving up to Alpine loop (which Steven told me was closed) so Kim drove us to the closest spot to it right above Aspen Grove. She parked her car and when I got out of the car all of the rain, hail and snow stopped (& started again when it was all over – a miracle right?). Steven came walking forward through the trees and EMOTION JUST RAN THROUGH MY BODY. WOW. I never knew I could feel this much love for someone. EVER. It was like a million butterflies in my entire body and I was about to float away. But, I didn’t (luckily) & walked up to Steven and we kissed. He walked me over to this beautiful spot decorated with rose petals, PROVO BAKERY donuts, Martinelli’s, pics of us hanging from the tree and a cute little bench for us. He started talking and the one thing that I got out of it was that he said, “You are going to be an amazing wife and mother. I love you so much. Will you marry me?” Of course, I said“YES!” We kissed and hugged and kissed more and it was perfect.

Then Emilee, Kim and Cheryl came out from the trees and congratulated us! It was such a happy moment I just wanted time to freeze. I love Steven Johnson so much and I cannot wait to marry him. It’s crazy how we saw each other 3 years ago, but knew that this was the perfect time for us to meet and date. I already graduated BYU and he got into his perfect major and is starting a business. I’m excited for this life that I get to spend with him. I’m STOKED on him being the father to my future children.