Elizabeth and Scott

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How We Met

Scott and I met in Iowa at the church we were attending at the time. He was the most charming man I had ever met and pursued me like no one had before. We began dating 5 days before I moved to Phoenix, Arizona for nursing school. He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, and I was all his firsts as well. After almost 4 years of plane flights, Skype dates, and dreaming of our future and the day that we would get to be together, we reached another milestone in our relationship.

how they asked

July 3, 2016 Scott asked me to marry him. We drove to a beautiful Seattle beach and arrived right as the sun was setting. We made our way down to what I thought was just the “perfect spot” to watch the sunset and walked down to a little cove. The beach was covered with rose petals, candles, and tiki torches. I completely lost it as soon as I saw the roses. The sunset was incredible and created a romantic glow in the sky.

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He teared up as he told me about the moments he looks forward to in our future. As he got down on one knee he said, “Elizabeth Anne. I want to grow old with you, have kids with you, and love you and only you for the rest of my life. So I have a question for you…” it was the easiest yes I have ever said!

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I am an intensive care nurse in AZ and Scott is finishing his industrial engineering degree in December. After he graduates, we will be able to live in the same city for the first time in 4 years. Scott has showed me the purest, deepest love that I have ever known and I cannot wait to live life with the man that has captured my heart so effortlessly.

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