Elizabeth and Ruben

How We Met

Ruben and I met in college at UT Austin. He is from Houston and I am from Dallas and now Austin always holds a special place in our hearts. Since Ruben’s first year of college in 2011, we were friends. Not very close at first; just people who hung out in the same friend groups. As time went on we ended up in the same close knit friend circle. Growing closer together as friends with many adventures and study dates. In 2014 we became very close and considered each other best friends. He was someone that constantly made me laugh and made ordinary days extra ordinary!

Elizabeth's Proposal in Dallas, Texas

Elizabeth and Ruben's Engagement in Dallas, Texas

Our friendship soon grew into something more and he asked me to be his girlfriend in July 2014. I loved that our relationship flourished from friendship into something so much more! After I left college in December 2014, our relationship has been long distance between Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Although long distance has been hard, I feel like it really helped us appreciate each other more. I have cherished all the FaceTime calls and weekend drives to visit each other. But I can’t wait until he moves to Dallas this December.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dallas, Texas

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dallas, Texas

how they asked

First off, I am one of the toughest people to surprise. Although the the proposal did not come as a full surprise, it was still one of the most happiest days of my life. I had a feeling for a few months that it was coming soon. On Saturday July 8th, Ruben came into my room and woke me up with a note.

We were celebrating our 3 years that day; he was treating me to getting my hair done and going to dinner. He took me to get my hair done and we got ready and headed on our night out. After dinner, he handed me another note in the car saying the night wasn’t over yet and we were heading to a park.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dallas, Texas

At this point, I had a good feeling I knew what was coming. But I was excited and couldn’t believe it! He made me look down as we approached the area and walked me out of the car onto a pier at White Rock Lake in Dallas.

He had a beautiful set up with flower petals and pictures of the progression of our relationship. He had one empty picture frame at the end that represented our future together.

Where to Propose in Dallas, Texas

He asked me to sit down and played me a song he wrote on his guitar.

Then he got down on one knee and asked me the most important question of my life and I happily said YES!

I was greeted after with all my close friends who made the whole thing possible. Then we headed home to another surprise, both our family’s and close friends were waiting at my house to celebrate with us! I definitely wasn’t expecting to see so many people, but it was so great share that day with special people. It will definitely be a day I will never forget and I cannot wait for our forever! Ruben and I will be getting married in Austin in May 2018.

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