Elizabeth and Noah

How We Met

Elizabeth and I met when we were both stationed in Arizona with the United States Air Force. I am an Air Force attorney and she is an Air Force dentist. We actually started dating after she was a court-martial (jury) member on a case occurring in my office. Our eyes met in the courtroom and the rest is history!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

how they asked

About a year ago I wanted to come up with the most amazing proposal possible for Elizabeth so I decided to fake our participation on the TV show The Amazing Race! I sent her a package from “CBS Studios” congratulating us on being chosen for the Amazing Race Online Edition where we were one of 20 couples that had been chosen to compete for a slot on the televised show.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We would compete in a shortened version of the race and have to film ourselves (with equipment provided by CBS) completing challenges in foreign destinations. The top 10 teams would have their footage uploaded online and viewers would vote on which teams would make it onto the show. I grew up in the Netherlands and wanted to propose to Elizabeth there. So with the help of over 20 friends and family members around the world, I was able to set up challenges and clues in 5 different countries! We started in Washington DC after which our challenge took us to London, England.

From there we went to Paris, Brussels, and finally Amsterdam. The entire time Elizabeth thought she was really on the show and was competing as such! To make it realistic I had a friend in every country ready with a clue card for the next leg of the race. When we finally got to Amsterdam, she opened the last clue which revealed that I had put on the entire “show”. I got down on one knee and proposed to her exactly at the moment it started to sink in and she said YES!

In total, the race lasted 6 days across 5 different countries and we traveled over 11,000 miles. Here is a compilation of our Amazing Race footage. We also created a page where we uploaded a lot of our challenges and video footage as we were “competing” (she’s an Air Force dentist and I’m an Air Force lawyer, hence the handle).

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