Elizabeth and Nickolas

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Roosevelt Island, NY

How We Met

Nickolas and I met while attending New York Institute of Technology at the Manhattan Campus during the Fall 2008 semester.

I attended NYIT and was studying Advertising. In Spring 2008 I was picking classes and for the upcoming semester was told by my academic advisor that one of my core classes was alread full. As a result I chose a Sociology class with a professor named Dr. Pepper. On the first day of class, I arrived late to class (which is no surprise for those who know me!) I entered a full class and sat towards the back of the classroom. It wasn’t until November of that semester, when Nickolas wore a David Wright Met’s shirt, that I noticed the cute “Met’s fan” in class– here is when I waited to hear him acknowledge his presence during attendance so I could know his name.

Nickolas was in the midst of the Architecture program at NYIT when I walked in late on the first day of Dr. Peppers class. Nickolas says he noticed me right away and that I was a breath of fresh air from the very first moment

On November 30th, 2008 Nickolas and I became friends on Facebook. Nickolas made the first move by writing “hey fellow sociology companion, how are you?” on my Facebook wall the Friday after Thanksgiving break. From this moment on we constantly Facebook messaged each other, smiled at each other during class and rang up huge phone bills due to non-unlimited texting plans. December 8th, 2008 was the beginning of our forever.

Elizabeth's Proposal in Roosevelt Island, NY

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Where to Propose in Roosevelt Island, NY

how they asked

As a planner, I planned a trip to Montauk the second weekend of October 2017 in hopes that this would be the perfect setting for Nickolas to propose to me after nearly 9 years of dating. As a multitasker, I also wanted to scout out potential engagement photo shoot locations with Nickolas that way when the time came, we would already know what aesthetic we were looking for.

The first location was Long Island City where Nickolas and I spent the afternoon on Sunday, October 1st 2017 looking around the area for perfect photo opportunities. The day before, Nickolas’ niece & goddaughter Ariana had intuitively told Me that “I think Nouno (godfather in Greek) is going to give you the ring tomorrow”. Little did Ariana know that Nickolas was planning on proposing on this day, but to ensure that I was surprised, he wanted to wait just a bit longer.

On Saturday October 7th, 2017, Nickolas and I, after morning cuddles and grabbing breakfast from our favorite bagel store, headed to the second location: Roosevelt Island. I was told that after Roosevelt Island that they would be picking up Nickolas’ family to head to Bear Mountain, NY for the day. While walking under the tree-lined pathway within Four Freedoms Park, overlooking the city where they had met, Nickolas got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. While I said yes immediately, it took me a full five minutes to realize what was happening because I was so sure he was proposing the following weekend. Through tears of happiness, I heard Nickolas explaining the story of my ring: he went to the same jeweler that my father bought my mother’s ring nearly 30 years earlier and spoke about he involved both of our families during the process.

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