Elizabeth and Nick

how we met

My fiance, Nick, and I met while studying at the University of Georgia during our third year. We were both members of an organization called UGA Miracle, which raises money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Each year UGA Miracle hosts a Dance Marathon, a 24 hour event where we champion our miracle families and fundraise for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. At this event there is something called Dance Marathon jail and if you are sent to this “jail” you have to raise a specific amount to be bailed out. One of my friends put me in jail and Nick bailed me out. We had talked a few times at member meetings but this was his smooth move. After Dance Marathon, I asked how I could pay him back and he asked me to meet him for coffee. We have been together ever since!

how they asked

Where to begin! Nick planned the most perfect day that represented everything our relationship is. The planning process started with Nick asking my Dad and Step-Dad for their blessings, months before the proposal. Nick proposed this past July at the 360-overlook bridge in Austin, Texas. We were living together outside of Austin, where I was in graduate school. The day started completely normal, Nick being his cheerful morning person self. I knew we were going to have a picnic day date in Austin but had no idea I was about to be proposed to. He was so smooth and even gifted me a nail salon gift card earlier in the week. His cover story was so convincing, telling me the gift card was from a raffle at the Dermatology office he worked at the time. As we were finding a place to set up our picnic at the overlook, a couple had just finished getting engaged which Nick had apparently started freaking out but I just thought what a great spot to get engaged at. We set up and started enjoying our charcuterie board and mimosas when this guy had come by us taking pictures of the view. I also didn’t suspect anything still and this is when Nick stood up and asked to take a selfie. After this he started giving the most emotional, heartfelt speech. I was in such shock and then finally realized the guy who was taking pictures of the view was now taking pictures of us and Nick was proposing! As if the surprise photographer was not enough, Nick also surprised me with a trip to Tulum, Mexico the next week. After we hiked back down to the car he gave me the itinerary. Everything was so detailed and perfect. The most incredible day!

Special Thanks