Elizabeth and Nicholas

Marriage Proposal Ideas in St. Mary's fair on Orchard Lake in Michigan on Memorial Day

How We Met

I had no idea Nicholas existed, same goes for him! We shared some friends, yet never met. One day Nick was with his cousin Amanda, who was a friend of mine. They were hanging out and scrolling through Instagram, when he saw a post of mine on her feed. He said as soon as he saw me he needed to know who I was and what I was all about. He asked, searched, found me, and added me as a friend. He also asked Amanda to put in a good word for him. She did! She told me about her cousin who saw me and was interested. She sent a picture and I said no! She sent a not so flattering picture! Omg Nicks going to kill me for that haha. She also told me he was younger then he was. I told her that I wasn’t interested in anything right now. And that was that… until 2 weeks later, I decided to go out with some friends for a random night out. We walk in an I immediately spot Amanda and a few other friends, and to my surprise, I see Nick! Celebrating his birthday that night. 25 years and we never crossed paths. I was immediately taken back by his smile. We locked eyes all night. Although we were both too shy to introduce ourselves, we definitely made it obvious through our constant eye contact and smiling faces. My friends and I enjoyed a few drinks and dancing and left. No word from Nick yet. Over the next six months I’d run into Nick, here and there. We would share a smile and leave it at that. We even flirted through Instagram! Haha a like here, and a like there. Until May of 2015 Nick decided to finally make a move. He sent me a message asking if I would be interested in grabbing coffee. I decided to take him up on this offer. I saw that I kept his interest for a period of 8 months, and the fact that he was constantly poping up at the same places by chance, really made me feel like this was something special. I met Nick for coffee 2 days later. I can’t explain what I felt without sounding corny! We instantly clicked. I felt like I had known Nick my whole life. It was the most comfortable date I’d ever had! We went out every night after that! We couldn’t get enough of eachother. On the third day he took me to the St. Mary’s fair. We played games, ate elephant ears and even rode the Ferris wheel. It was perfect. If you ask us both when did we know, we’d both say the St. Mary’s fair. I could never forget that night, even down to what we wore! Our relationship progressed into a boyfriend/ girlfriend label and over the next 2 years we’d be inseparable. I’ll be honest, I knew I wanted to marry Nick from the beginning. I didn’t see a reason in waiting too long. Nick on the other hand, wasn’t ready to let go! Haha we started fighting about it constantly, and he kept playing along until our 2 year anniversary. Which happened to fall on Memorial Day that year. And it was also the St. Mary’s fair!

how they asked

Nick told me we were going to dinner with his boss and his wife after so I got all dolled up of course. I was so annoyed! He wanted to waste the spare time by going to the fair. I’m in a dress and it’s windy, and there’s a light sprinkle. I had just got all ready and I was so mad! Why here! I’m going to look like a hot mess by dinner time. Nick was nervous and antsy. Walking behind me, and being awkward. But I didn’t think much of it. I saw that my attitude upset him, and I felt bad. He asked if we could ride the Ferris wheel, so I went on that one ride. We laughed when reminiscing the last time we rode it, 2 years ago. When we got off the ride Nick grabbed my hand and pulled me back. I turned around and it looked like he was going down to tie his shoe lol! He was saying all this stuff and down on one knee and I was gone! I was surprised, excited and so nervous.

I can’t remember a word he said! And neither does he! I started to notice people around us taking video and pictures and quickly realized they were people we knew! He had them following us around the fair and setting up for pictures. Explains why he was acting so weird and walking behind me. Since that third date 2 years ago I looked forward to my future with Nick. It had truly been a fairytale. I’ve always felt like there was something bigger. Like we were apart of this special plan. Something or someone looking over us. I know that we didn’t meet my chance. And that’s the best part of us.

Where to Propose in St. Mary's fair on Orchard Lake in Michigan on Memorial Day

Proposal Ideas St. Mary's fair on Orchard Lake in Michigan on Memorial Day

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