Elizabeth and Nate

How We Met

Nate and I had our first date at Brother’s Sushi in Federal Hill. We spent the next few weeks getting to know each other but ultimately decided to be just friends. Not until months later, when I moved to Federal Hill and asked Nate to join my kickball team, did we realize being “just friends” wasn’t going to work. We realized we were so much more than friends to each other, and decided, on my front stoop one night, to make it official. We still hold our our friendship in the very core of our relationship to this day. We met and fell in love with each other in Federal Hill which is why we had our engagement pictures taken in the neighborhood we call home.

How They Asked

My proposal to Elizabeth was a simple and romantic moment at the top of Pitcher Mountain, NH at sunset. This perfect moment was not achieved without careful deception and misdirection however. Elizabeth, being a smart, calculating, Sherlock Holmes was quite hard to surprise. It took an “accidental” call from Smyth Jewlers to tell her a ring was “backordered” to throw her off the scent about a proposal that next weekend. Then, a seemingly mundane hike to the top of our favorite mountain, to give the illusion of normality. Last, with my whole family in on it, I was all set for the big surprise. We climbed up to the top of the Fire Tower of Pitcher Mountain, where she finally found the question “Will You Marry Me” etched into the steel structure. Cornered, and without easy escape, her only answer could be YES! Happy as can be, we then spent the next few days celebrating and relaxing at our lake house. The best weekend of my life, to date.

Special Thanks