Elizabeth and Michael's Amazing Bryant Park Flash Mob Proposal


How We Met

I was using Tinder and during that time (April 15, 2014) I received a notification “It’s a Match!” with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen! In her profile pic she was wearing a Mets jersey and a Mets hat and I said hmm this could be interesting. I grew up a few minutes away from Shea Stadium and was raised as a Mets fan. I couldn’t wait to start messaging with her. She looked like an angel and appeared to be so down to earth. We exchanged messages for a few days and realized we had so much in common. She is a pre-k teacher and loves children. I have a 5 year old son. She had aspirations of going into law enforcement when she was younger and I’m a Lieutenant in the NYPD. She loves to cook and I love to eat. I like doing laundry, she likes folding laundry. The list goes on and on from hobbies to music to life to faith… It was definitely a match made in heaven.

We eventually exchanged phone #’s and a few weeks later we went on our first date. I invited her to dinner and after dinner we sat in my car for about 3 hours just talking. I thought about going in for the first kiss but I wanted to wait, I wanted it to be different, I wanted it to be special!! On May 28th, 2014 I asked her to be my girl and it has been the most exciting year of my life (road trips, vacations, surprises, birthdays, holidays, romantic walks and adopting our puppy Wrigley).


how they asked

On May 28, 2015 (our year anniversary), we went to Bryant Park for breakfast… Little did she know I had planned my proposal for this day. After breakfast we walked through the park and were interrupted by a flash mob who performed 2 songs from the movie Grease (it’s the movie where Elizabeth first fell in love with the idea of falling in love)… And also the song “A World With You” by Jason Mraz… The lyrics to that song I feel embody our relationship.

Flash Mob Proposal in Bryant Park (1)

The flash mob opened up and my son Michael Jr (aka MJ) was holding a sign that read “Elizabeth Grace Will You Marry My Daddy?” I got down on one knee and she said yes!






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