Elizabeth and Maxwell

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How We Met

I met Max when I was nineteen years old. Nineteen! A teenager (barely) but never the less, at the ripe ole’ age of 19, I met my guy. I briefly met him in a study group and thought he was the greatest thing I’d ever laid eyes on. I ran home to tell my roommate I’d met my future husband and shrieked to find he’d already friended me on Facebook.

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Then, 4 months passed before I saw him again. We quite literally floated into each other on the river. We were giddy to see each other again and with the courage of a friend named tequila we tied our tubes together and spent the rest of the day hand in hand, floating down the San Marcos river with our now best friends.

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He asked me to be his girlfriend 12 days after we floated into each other. My friends have later told me that they thought I had lost my mind telling “some guy” that I loved him and were terrified that I was going to wind up with a broken heart.

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But, it was summertime in San Marcos and I had not a care in the world. Max taught me how to two-step that summer, sneak onto The Square, challenged me to DP shootouts, and treated me to my first guacamole queso burger from Tap Room. We listened to John Mayer’s ‘where the light is’ album cover to cover countless times and ate enough Lolita’s breakfast tacos to keep the place in business. My summer with Max was one of the best summers of my life and the only summer I actually spent in San Marcos.

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how they asked

Last Tuesday Max woke me up at the crack of dawn on a cold and drizzly morning on day 2 of our Roman holiday. He told me to get dressed and that he had the entire day planned for us. Max doesn’t plan much, so I grumpily quizzed him with my standard who/what/where/when/how and why the heck is it 5:30 in the morning? He told me to get dressed for a morning of sightseeing and that the rest was a secret. We ate giant chocolate croissants and espresso for breakfast outside the Coliseum and soon met up with a guide he’d hired to show us around the city. We walked for hours exploring all of the ancient ruins and overlooks. It was so wonderful and chilly and romantic! After our morning adventure Max took me to this pizzeria that was filled with locals and wine that was cheaper than the water.

We ate big slices of pizza huddled around all the Italians on their lunch breaks. We go back to the Waldorf Astoria where we’re staying and everyone is being extra nice and smiley and overly invested in how our lunch was. I start to over analyze it but shrug my shoulders in defeat when Max won’t say a word. We lounge for a bit and Max tells me we have dinner reservations and to put on one of the dresses I brought for the wedding we’d be going to in England. Max gives me the sweetest letter telling me how special the last 4.5 years have been and I basically have to go redo my makeup before we go hail a cab. We walk outside and this beautiful Mercedes-Benz is waiting for “Mr. MacMaster” and I do everything I can to not puke on Max and the bell captain.

Everyone knows I absolutely hate surprises and not being in control so this entire scenario is stressing me out to no end. We start driving and I see all these signs for the Trevi Fountain and I’m thinking “OMG how does Max not know by now that a public proposal is literally my worst nightmare?!?!?” but I just sit there and pray for a shot of tequila. I think this entire route was designed to send me into panic because we pass a few more iconic roman sights before we start winding up this big hill. The car stops and without a word the driver opens the door and Max walks me out to this gorgeous overlook of Rome on Pincian Hill. I’m somewhere between hyperventilating and hives when he gets down on one knee and tells me a million things I couldn’t remember if you paid me.

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He apparently had to ask 4 times before I said yes and I think I blacked out as my answer should have been “it’s about damn time!!!!”

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We hug and kiss and giggle and then this lovely Russian photographer named Olga pops out of the bushes and gives us big hugs and tells me Max has planned a photo shoot all over Rome to document the occasion.

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Omg Image 9 of Elizabeth and Maxwell Our first stop was a cafe with a giant bottle of bubbly to celebrate and we stroll all these quaint alleys and wind up at the Spanish Steps where we have a wonderful dinner.

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We Facetimed our families and drank entirely too much wine and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives traveling and loving each other.

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Special Thanks

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