Elizabeth and Justin

Image 8 of Elizabeth and Justin

How We Met

Justin and I met when I was working as a manager at a restaurant and I was making my rounds checking on tables. He was sitting with his computer doing work and, as we begin chatting, he starts talking about analytics and math. I then ask him, “So, have you ever seen The Good Doctor?” He responds, “Yes, I love that show!” And I ask, “Where are you on the spectrum?” After that we became friends and that blossomed into love. Now two-and-a-half years later, I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

How They Asked

I was in literal shock! Justin went to work early Friday morning. He comes home around 2 pm and tells me to get changed, we are going to take the train into Chicago. We end up missing the train so we call an Uber. The Uber driver decides not to come, pick us up or cancel. So we wait on him for like 40 mins and Justin is getting frustrated and I kept saying, “It’s okay love, we can go another day.”

Image 5 of Elizabeth and Justin

We finally get someone to come get us and we make it to Chicago. They drop us off at The Bean and we take pictures. We decided to go to lunch. Justin eats super fast and then tells me, “I have à headache honey, I’m going to run to CVS to get some Tylenol.” But, he was adamant on me not going. He comes back 40 mins later. (He was picking up the ring.) He asks me where I want to go while already having in his head where I was going to pick: Chicago 360.

Image 7 of Elizabeth and Justin

We get up to the top and we grab a drink at the bar so he can get the bartender to take a picture of us, or so I thought. We take a picture then Justin suggests a video and he gets down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Making me the happiest woman ever! He was so nervous and I was so excited we didn’t notice he put the ring on the wrong hand!! My mom called and asked was this a joke!

Image 6 of Elizabeth and Justin